Leveraging Netwrix PolicyPak for ACSC Essential Eight Compliance

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Leveraging Netwrix PolicyPak for ACSC Essential Eight Compliance
Netwrix PolicyPak helps ensure compliance with the ACSC Essential Eight Maturity Model, addressing critical cyber threats like malware and data breaches. Australian IT Pros can implement six key strategies: Application Control, Restricting Administrative Privileges, Patching Operating Systems, Configuring Microsoft Office Macro Settings, Patching Applications, and User Application Hardening.

Netwrix PolicyPak provides application control and Least Privilege Management, which enables desktop admins to manage administrative rights efficiently and maintain user productivity. It also enhances security by facilitating system and application patching and managing Microsoft Office macros across diverse environments.

PolicyPak also streamlines software deployment and updates. It leverages tools like Remote Work Delivery Manager and Software Package Manager, which safeguard against vulnerabilities in outdated applications and web content.

Netwrix PolicyPak offers a comprehensive, user-friendly approach to achieve high security levels in the Essential Eight, equipping organizations to combat various cybersecurity challenges.