Privileged Access Management and the ACSC's Essential Eight

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Privileged Access Management and the ACSC's Essential Eight
Netwrix Privilege Secure is a just-in-time privileged access management solution that helps organizations meet the requirements of the Australian Cyber Security Centre's (ACSC) Essential Eight strategy for restricting privileged access.

The Essential Eight is a set of prioritized mitigation strategies developed by ACSC to help organizations strengthen their cyber defenses. One of the most effective strategies is restricting administrative privileges to ONLY what is required, for authorized users, and only for the minimum amount of time needed.

Netwrix Privilege Secure helps enforce the principle of least privilege by dynamically provisioning privileged access based on real-time needs. This eBook details how Netwrix Privilege Secure aligns with each maturity level of the Restrict Administrative Privileges strategy.

Examples are provided of the capabilities that help satisfy requirements around approval workflows, access restrictions, separation of duties, logging, and monitoring of privileged access.