Irvine, CA, December 8, 2021

Netwrix Announces Technology Partnership with Safetica

Accurate, automated data classification of sensitive data is now extended to corporate endpoints

Netwrix, a cybersecurity vendor that makes data security easy, and Safetica, a data loss prevention software company, today announced a technology partnership to provide organizations with consistent data classification across the whole IT environment, improving security while reducing IT workload.

Consistent security controls help reduce security gaps. By leveraging Netwrix Data Classification’s high-fidelity classification technology across servers, cloud storages and now endpoints, organizations can be confident that their sensitive data is found and secured consistently. Moreover, since files are classified more accurately than with other tools, security professionals can expect fewer false positive alerts.

When deployed together, Netwrix Data Classification and Safetica ONE will provide security professionals the confidence that their organization’s data is being discovered using unified classification rules, leading to a smaller security footprint and fewer headaches brought on by too many false positive alerts.

Without consistent, accurate data classification across the enterprise, similar content in different locations will not receive the same security controls — which can leave significant amounts of sensitive and regulated data at risk. By partnering with Safetica ONE, we have extended our industry-leading data classification technology from cloud and on-premises storages to endpoints.
John Newsom, Vice President of Business Development, Netwrix

We believe every organization deserves to know that their data is safe. Together with Netwrix, we are following our path to making data protection easy and available to everyone.
Richard Brulík, CEO, Safetica

About Safetica
Safetica provides solutions that protect organizations all over the world against data leaks and internal threats so they can focus on their business without worrying about the loss of their data. The 10th generation of the company’s enterprise-grade data security solution Safetica ONE offers data loss prevention and insider threat protection in one solution. The cloud-native SaaS solution Safetica NXT helps organizations with easy and early detection and response to internal threats and data flow risks.

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