Irvine, CA, November 1, 2018

The new Netwrix Auditor 9.7 enhances Prediction, Prevention, Detection and Remediation of security incidents

New features help organizations implement a risk-based security approach and balance their security investments

Netwrix Corporation, provider of a visibility platform for data security and risk mitigation in hybrid environments, today announced new features included in Netwrix Auditor 9.7 that support organizations at every stage of their security journey in accordance with Gartner’s Predict, Prevent, Detect, Respond framework. The release is aimed at IT administrators, IT managers and security analysts.

The new features of Netwrix Auditor help organizations focus on the four stages of the security cycle: Predict, Prevent, Detect and Respond. Organizations are encouraged to shift to a “continuous response mindset,” which relies on continuous monitoring of systems and user behavior in order to detect and investigate threats before they lead to security breaches.


  • The enhanced IT Risk Assessment dashboard improves an organization’s understanding of its risk profile by tailoring well-known security metrics to the unique environment.


  • Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint now brings visibility into who has access to what on SharePoint. Detailed information about user permissions helps organizations enforce the least-privilege principle and tighten control over access to sensitive data in SharePoint.


  • The release offers increased oversight of high-risk groups by making it easy to get alerts on any action or series of actions performed by any member of a particular group and create search queries that detail the activity of all members of a group.


  • User Profile accelerates the investigation process and reduces mean time to respond by providing IT teams with immediate access to key facts about suspicious accounts.
  • Automated Response enables organizations to ensure instant response to anticipated incidents and improve productivity by creating scripts that will run automatically when a Netwrix Auditor alert is triggered.
Gartner’s framework is very innovative in terms of helping organizations develop a more balanced approach to security and prepare for various cyber threats. Our new release is aimed at providing companies worldwide with all necessary capabilities to manage IT risks more effectively, gain control over user behavior, and respond to internal and external threats faster. By upgrading existing features and introducing new ones like Automated Response, we prove our commitment to resolving customers’ security issues and developing our product in accordance with their needs.
Steve Dickson, CEO of Netwrix

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