Netwrix Change Notifier for File Servers
Freeware tool that keeps you aware of changes and data access on your file servers
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How long does it take you to figure out what was changed on your file servers?
Netwrix Change Notifier for File Servers is free file server software that delivers visibility into what's happening on your Windows-based file servers. It tracks changes made to files, folders, shares and permissions; detects deleted and newly created files and folders; and logs file server access attempts. This file server audit tool collects and analyzes log events on file server and sends daily reports listing changes made during the last 24 hours, with the before and after values.
See what changed
Shows what file server objects and permissions were added, modified or removed, with the before and after values.
Monitor file access attempts
Reports on file, folder and share access attempts, including whether each attempt was successful.
Automate auditing
Consolidates data from various sources and sends daily email reports about file server changes and data access.
Increase efficiency
Provides meaningful data about every change and access event, eliminating the need to manually analyze mountains of native log data.
Save your IT budget
Has no expiration date and is available whenever you need it absolutely for free.
Regular monitoring of changes on your file servers is critical for security. If you use native auditing tools, you'll spend a lot of time and effort poring through cryptic logs on a file server, trying to produce human-readable reports on what was changed. Free file server software can bring efficiency into your auditing routine by automating the tedious task of going through each event log on a file server. Netwrix Change Notifier for Filer Servers is file server monitoring software that will keep you aware of file server changes in a timely and convenient manner by providing daily reports on modifications, deletions, additions and read attempts of file server objects and permissions.

Awareness versus Complete Visibility

Netwrix Change Notifier for File Servers is free file server software that provides details on what was changed on your file servers. To add more context to the audit information and enable additional features such as predefined reports, overview dashboards, interactive search and much more, try Netwrix Auditor for File Servers. This application extends the free file server auditing tool functionality and delivers complete visibility into everything that is happening on your file servers. You can evaluate it for free and with no limitations for 20 days.
Change Notifier Netwrix Auditor
Feature Change Notifier Netwrix Auditor
Windows-based file server auditing
NetApp filer appliance auditing
EMC storage auditing
Reporting on what files, folders, shares and permissions were modified, deleted or added
Before and after values for all modifications
Who, when and where details for every change
Reporting on file, folder and share access attempts, both successful and failed, with what and who details
When and where details for every access attempt
Automatic daily email reports with full details on changes made for the past 24 hours
Predefined reports based on SQL Server Reporting Services, with filtering, sorting and export options
State-in-time reports on file servers configuration
Google-like search of audit data
Out-of-the-box compliance reports mapped to specific regulatory standards (PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA/NIST800-53 and ISO/IEC 27001)
Long-term archiving of audit data
Email subscriptions to scheduled audit reports with the ability to choose reports, recipients and reporting frequency
Optional lightweight, non-intrusive mode of data collection used for traffic compression
Single installation that handles multiple domains, each with its own unique settings
Integrated interface for all Netwrix applications, which provides centralized configuration and settings management
Advanced cross-system audit reporting

Netwrix Auditor for File Servers:

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System Requirements

Netwrix Change Notifier for File Servers is a tool with simple installation steps and with minimum system requirements.
  • Intel or AMD 32 bit, 2 GHz
  • 512 MB of RAM*
  • 50 MB of free disk space for product installation
  • Additional space is required for the Audit Archive; the amount depends on the number of AD objects and the number of changes per day.

* This is a rough estimate. The actual memory required will depend on the average number of changes per day in your monitored environment.

Operating System:
  • Windows 7 or higher
Other required components:
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • Windows Installer 3.1 or above
Quick Start Guide:
Netwrix Change Notifier for File Servers