Netwrix brings complete visibility to a whole new level with the release of Netwrix Auditor VEGA

A major upgrade of the leading IT auditing platform enhances control over security configuration management and data access governance within the entire IT infrastructure

Irvine, CA, May 19, 2015

Netwrix Corporation, the #1 provider of change and configuration auditing software, today announced the release of Netwrix Auditor VEGA, a major product upgrade that will change the way organizations find and access audit data for investigating security incidents and passing compliance audits.

Netwrix Auditor enables complete visibility into both security configuration and data access within the entire IT infrastructure, providing actionable audit data about who did what, when and where and who has access to what. Netwrix Auditor helps prevent insider-caused security breaches, pass compliance audits, minimize compliance costs, and just keep tabs on what privileged users are doing in the environment and why.

"Back in the Middle Ages, when cities were fortresses surrounded by walls, the citizens could protect their strongholds only as long as knights were able to guard the walls and repel the sieges," said Michael Fimin, CEO and co-founder of Netwrix. "Modern warfare has changed entirely: cities and countries are too vast to be surrounded by walls. Similar changes happened to modern IT security: remote employees, cloud computing, BYOD—all these modern factors eliminated the concept of ‘walls’ and weakened traditional perimeter security mechanisms. Firewalls and endpoint hardening can no longer safeguard organizations against emerging security threats and data breaches."

Key features of Netwrix Auditor VEGA include:

  • Interactive search, to quickly find exactly who changed what, when, and where and who has access to what in the IT infrastructure.
  • Delegated access, allowing key stakeholders to access audit data whenever they need it. The new Netwrix Auditor client can be installed on any computer to provide full access to actionable intelligence.
  • Out-of-the-box compliance reports, mapped to specific regulatory compliance standards, including PCI DSS 3.0, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA/NIST and ISO. These help pass compliance audits and minimize compliance costs.

"Once the attacker has proliferated in your corporate network, you just need to have visibility into what is happening with your IT systems, what security settings are being changed, what sensitive data is being accessed, and how to stop the attack before it spreads further," continued Fimin. "We live in the age of cyberwars, when complete visibility into your IT infrastructure becomes a critical weapon to win. Netwrix Auditor VEGA provides this much-needed insight, allowing you to navigate through complex audit data and ensuring a timely response to security threats."

"We need pervasive and true visibility into our enterprise environments," said Amit Yoran, president of RSA, in his speech “Escaping Security’s Dark Ages” at the 2015 RSA Conference in San Francisco. "You simply can’t do security today without the visibility of both continuous full-packet capture and end-point compromise assessment visibility. Within our digital environments we need to know exactly which systems are communicating with which, why, how, any related communications, their length, frequency, volume and ultimately the content itself to determine what exactly is happening."

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Find out more about Netwrix Auditor VEGA and meet Netwrix team at Infosecurity Europe Conference & Exhibition at booth #C260 in London, United Kingdom, June 2-4, 2015.

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Netwrix Corporation provides change and configuration auditing solutions that deliver complete visibility into who did what, when, and where across the entire IT infrastructure. This strengthens security, streamlines compliance and optimizes operations. Founded in 2006, Netwrix is named to the Inc. 5000 list and Deloitte Technology Fast 500. Netwrix software is used by 160,000 users worldwide. For more information, visit

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