A new version of Netwrix Auditor is available now. Find out what's new in Netwrix Auditor 9.5
Netwrix Auditor is the only platform that combines both security
configuration management
and data access governance across
the broadest variety of IT systems.
Nigel Lim
We quickly recognized all Netwrix Auditor benefits. Regular reporting helps us meet internal policy requirements, in particular guard against security incidents and are the best for quick submission at the request of the Head Office. That is why our choice was obvious.
Nigel Lim, IT Manager, ADEKA Singapore Pte Ltd.
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  • Strengthens Security
    Eliminates blind spots and makes it easy to identify changes that mismatch
    your corporate security policies thus helping you proactively detect
    suspicious user activity and prevent breaches.
  • Streamlines Compliance
    Provides actionable audit data required to prove that the organization’s IT compliance
    program adheres to PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA/NIST800-53, COBIT,
    ISO/IEC 27001 and other audits.
  • Optimizes Operations
    Relieves you of manual crawling through disparate array of event logs
    to get the answers to questions about who changed what, when and where
    and who has access to what in your IT infrastructure.

Address the everlasting challenges of your department and your business
with Netwrix Auditor.

6 corners
Generate and deliver audit
and compliance reports faster.
Stop spending time on manual scripting and consolidation of data whenever you need reports about who’s making changes to IT systems or who has access to what.
Investigate suspicious user activity before it becomes a breach.
Keep yourself notified on the most critical changes in the IT environment. Whenever you see an action that mismatches your security policy, remain assured that you can investigate why it happened and prevent similar incidents from occurring.
6 corners
6 corners
Take back control over your IT infrastructure and eliminate stress of your next compliance audit.
See how often changes are made, which users are making changes, which systems are affected, who has access to what and more. Address compliance auditors’ questions faster and involving less resources of your staff.
Mitigate security risks
and minimize compliance costs.
Protect your organization from attackers who bypassed your perimeter security (firewalls, anti-viruses, etc.) and avoid fines for non-compliance with regulatory standards.
6 corners
6 corners
Enable transparency of managed environments and monetize on offering ‘Compliance as a Service’.
Whether you are planning on adding new services to increase customer revenue or adding differentiated services that show more value to your customer, Netwrix has a business model to support your revenue goals.
David Auth AVP
The balance between Netwrix Auditor functionality and its cost is incredible; it helps to save me a lot of time. When the auditors come and ask me for report, for example, on users and groups or who has domain administrator access, I can easily deliver it right in front of their eyes.
David Auth AVP, IT Support Administrator Heritage Bank.
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160,000 IT departments worldwide
rely on Netwrix
Windows IT Pro Magazine ...configuration auditing tools help you analyze your configurations according to best practices, enforce configuration standards and adhere to regulatory requirements...
Redmond Magazine ...auditing is generally a rather difficult task, especially if done manually. All of the many details you need to consider and remember are taken care of by Netwrix Auditor...
Windows IT Pro Magazine ...best Active Directory/Group Policy product and Best Auditing/Compliance product 4 years in a row...
Petri.co.il ...full five out of five stars and recommended to anyone with an AD environment give the product a whirl...