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SharePoint and Exchange

Complete visibility into what’s going on in your SharePoint Online and Exchange Online environments

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Office 365 Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange provides actionable intelligence about what’s going on in your Office 365 environment. See who has access to what, monitor user activity in SharePoint Online, and audit all modifications and non-owner mailbox access events in Exchange Online to enhance security and streamline IT compliance.


Empowers you to quickly find out who has access to what in your cloud systems, see exactly how permissions were granted and identify broken inheritance in SharePoint Online, so you can create a more manageable and secure Office 365 environment.


Delivers deep insight into configuration, security and permission changes across your Exchange Online, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online systems, including actionable who, what, when and where details and before and after values.


Reports on who accessed your SharePoint Online sites or downloaded documents from them, as well as who synchronized files in OneDrive for Business, so you can spot any unauthorized access to your sensitive data.

Content change reporting
Monitors every change to SharePoint Online sites, lists and documents and OneDrive for Business data (such as list renames, site removals and file updates) to help you detect suspicious user activity and prevent data loss.
Empowers you to secure your data and prevent downtime by alerting you to activity that needs your immediate attention, such as changes to your mail server security configuration or SharePoint Online sharing settings.
Detects non-owner access to mailboxes and notifies owners about all mailbox activities. Mailbox auditing reports specify exactly what actions were performed on specific items, as well as the source client and IP address, so you can hold individuals accountable for their actions.
Comprehensive reports and overview dashboards
Augments Office 365 audit logs by delivering predefined reports and dashboards with filtering and sorting capabilities. You can export this data to various formats, such as a .pdf or .csv file, or receive the data you need for your admin audit duties automatically by email.
Slashes time spent preparing for compliance audits with predefined reports mapped to PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, GLBA, FISMA/NIST, CJIS and other common regulatory standards.
Enables you to quickly sort through your audit trail and fine-tune your search criteria until you find the information you need. Save your searches as custom reports; you can run them on demand or have the results delivered to you automatically on schedule.
Improves detection of malicious insiders and compromised accounts by aggregating their anomalous activity in Office 365 and other critical systems, both on premises and in the cloud.
Automated incident response
Enables you to automate response to common and anticipated incidents by embedding scripts in alerts, so you can ensure prompt response while staying focused on more important tasks.
Pinpoints subtle indicators of threats that might jeopardize the security of your Office 365 data, such as user and admin activity outside of business hours, so you can take action before threat actors take control.

Overcome the drawbacks of Office 365 audit logs with actionable intelligence that enhances IT security and streamlines compliance

Are you tired of crawling through endless audit logs in the Office 365 Admin Center, and switching back and forth between the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center and the Exchange Admin Center? Do you want to slash the time you have to spend on privilege attestations and compliance audits? Do you want a unified auditing platform that will securely retain logs from your SharePoint, Azure AD and other systems? Netwrix Auditor addresses all these needs.

See through the tangled permissions structure of your cloud-based systems

Gain complete visibility into who has access to what data in your Office 365 environment. Easily identify excessive permissions to critical data and revoke them in a few clicks to reduce the exposure. Make privilege attestations a snap by enabling regular review of SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online permissions, and get a step closer in passing compliance audits on your first try.

Detect threat actors in the cloud with O365 auditing software from Netwrix

It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to monitor user activities by looking through hundreds of pages with millions of records in the Office 365 Admin Center. Netwrix Auditor helps you identify high-risk users on the prowl by consolidating all their anomalous Office 365 activities, such as the deletion of sensitive files from OneDrive for Business or unapproved changes to site collection sharing policies.

Search the audit log data faster and use the search results to troubleshoot incidents
When a user can’t find a critical SharePoint document or a manager says mail has gone missing, you need to fix the issue quickly. You don’t have to switch though endless Office 365 audit reports and Power Bi dashboards or do log searches in eDiscovery anymore. Simply type your query in Netwrix Auditor’s Google-like search and immediately get detailed results that help you quickly resolve users’ problems.
Simplify preparation for compliance audits with out-of-the-box compliance reports
Compliance auditors often ask for specific details that might not be included in Office 365 audit log reports. You don’t have to spend days creating custom reports or writing PowerShell scripts to satisfy these requests. Simply use the Netwrix Auditor compliance reports mapped to specific controls of PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and other compliance regulations to easily prove that your Office 365 environment meets compliance and security standards.
Netwrix Auditor for Office 365

Learn more about how Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint helps organizations just like yours simplify SharePoint auditing and streamline regulatory compliance.

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Netwrix Auditor for Office 365

See how Netwrix Auditor for Exchange helps businesses of any sizes improve detection of insider threats and increase the productivity of IT teams.

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"To be compliant with regulatory standards, we are required to prove that we are in full control of our IT environment. Netwrix Auditor makes audits so much easier. We save weeks’ worth of time! Now we know about every change and every user action in our IT environment, so we also know our data is more secure than before. It’s a great product. I definitely recommend it."
David Cook, Active Directory Engineer/Architect,
West Monroe Partners

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Mitigating Office 365 risks with security monitoring from Netwrix

If you’ve moved some of your operations to the Microsoft cloud, or are considering doing so, you’re undoubtedly worried about how you can ensure the security and privacy of your data and implement all the controls required by compliance mandates. Office 365 security monitoring from Netwrix provides the comprehensive functionality you need to protect your sensitive data and prove compliance. Actionable reports make it easy to understand and track activity across your cloud environment, such as non-owner mailbox access events and modifications of Office 365 users. And advanced threshold-based alerts keep you informed about suspicious activity, so you can detect compromised accounts and other threats in time to prevent data loss.

Detailed Office 365 audit reports to control Exchange Online configuration changes and non-owner mailbox access

Stable email service is critical to business continuity. Mistakes by administrators or deliberate misdeeds by abusers in your cloud-based Exchange environment can cause email outages or expose sensitive information to unauthorized use. Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange enables control over critical Exchange Online changes and non-owner mailbox access attempts. You can quickly detect unauthorized changes and Office 365 users trying to open another mailbox, so you can take action before these events cause email outages or security breaches.

Secure business-critical data with auditing of OneDrive

OneDrive for Business has been widely adopted by organizations that need a way for employees to store business-related files, access them at any time from anywhere, and share them with other employees. As a result, it often contains business-critical data that needs to be secured. With OneDrive for Business auditing and reporting, you can tighten control over user and admin activities and ensure security and data integrity. OneDrive for Business is a part of the Office 365 suite, which also includes SharePoint Online, Azure Active Directory and other hosted services. Its activity record is stored in the native audit log, which is available in the Office 365 management console. However, native auditing and reporting has important limitations that can hinder your security initiatives. Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange is a comprehensive solution that helps you tighten control over changes and access to data stored in OneDrive for Business.

Going beyond the native Office 365 audit log with Netwrix Auditor

Whenever you need to track user activity, you can do it using the Office 365 audit log. However, the log has a number of limitations you have to keep in mind. For example, its filtering options are limited and might not let you efficiently address your questions. There are some predefined audit log reports on Office 365 activity, but you can’t subscribe to them; if you need to present the data you find to auditors or management, you have to manually export it to Excel. These are just a couple of limitations that you can overcome with Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange.

Streamlined SharePoint Online auditing to spot and block emerging data security risks with Office 365

Are you worried you might miss critical changes that could put your SharePoint Online data at risk? To shield your sensitive assets better, you need to audit SharePoint Online activity. With ready-to-use SharePoint Online reports at your fingertips, you can be sure that you will be the first one to know about changes to your sites, configuration and permissions, as well as any unauthorized read access, so you can quickly block threats, ensure 24/7 system availability and pass compliance checks.

Strengthen cloud security and compliance with continuous Exchange Online auditing

To ensure security and compliance for your hosted email service, you need to maintain control over changes performed by administrators and non-owner mailbox access. You can achieve this goal with continuous Exchange Online auditing that includes monitoring of administrative actions and mailbox auditing. However, enabling continuous auditing with native Office 365 auditing reports or the native audit log can be challenging. Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange streamlines the auditing process and ensures that you have steady control over changes and access events in your cloud infrastructure.

Exchange Online auditing software to detect and report on unauthorized access

The strategic benefits of cloud-based operations are well known and include cost cutting, better ROI, greater application performance and hardware availability, scalability, and ease of management. However, both SMBs and large organizations face vital security dilemmas. Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange helps IT departments mitigate Office 365 email security concerns effectively by detecting and reporting on non-owner mailbox access and Exchange Online security changes in a timely manner.

Office 365 reporting made easy with Netwrix Auditor

Continuous auditing of Exchange Online configuration changes and non-owner mailbox access is a crucial practice that helps organizations improve Office 365 data protection. Scheduled and on-demand audit reports offer flexible filtering, sorting, exporting and subscription options, enabling you to easily provide stakeholders with clear details about possible data privacy violations.

Meeting Office 365 compliance requirements with Netwrix Auditor

Equating compliance with security is a good mindset in the struggle to prevent data breaches, both on premises and in the cloud. Many contemporary regulations, including the ones that cover Office 365 compliance, are aimed at addressing new cyber security challenges and provide valuable frameworks for improving the privacy of proprietary data. Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange offers predefined compliance reports — along with interactive data search and reliable long-term storage of the audit trail — to help you validate your security controls and make your Office 365 compliant with PCI DSS, FERPA, GDPR, CJIS, FISMA/NIST, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, SOX and other regulatory standards.

Insightful Exchange Online reporting to harden data security and ensure email service availability

To ensure uninterrupted email services in your cloud-based Exchange and prevent exposure of sensitive content, you need transparency into all activity that occurs there. With the right Exchange Online reporting tool, you can quickly spot suspicious actions and get all the details you need to investigate and remediate issues faster. Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange delivers complete visibility into Exchange Online by providing detailed reports on all changes, including who created, deleted or modified which objects, and when and where each change happened. Plus, the application enables you to stay on top of user access to another user’s mailbox or a shared mailbox.

Maintaining your Office 365 HIPAA, PCI, GDPR and FERPA compliance

Is streamlining Office 365 HIPAA compliance, or compliance with any other regulatory standard, critical for your organization? Equating compliance with security is a smart mindset to establish in order to protect your sensitive data in the cloud. However, providing evidence at audit checks that your corporate security policies completely align with regulatory requirements can be a nightmare, because manually putting together the necessary reports and searching for the information auditors require is time-consuming and stressful. Is there a way to simplify your compliance processes and finally get a good night’s sleep again?

Exceeding the native SharePoint Online audit log with Netwrix Auditor

When your organization relies on SharePoint Online to store its data, any admin activities performed in error or without proper authorization can wreak havoc, resulting in system unavailability, data breaches, and major security and compliance failures. To minimize this risk, you need to properly configure your audit settings to stay on top of suspicious changes and access events that would otherwise go unnoticed. To view audit log reports, you can choose the hard way and use Site Collection Administration capabilities. Or you choose the simple path and allow Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange to take care of it. With Netwrix Auditor, you get actionable security intelligence enriched with insights, including all details about the SharePoint Online audit log, so you can quickly identify abnormal actions and respond before they cause real damage.

Tracking changes to Office 365 mailbox permissions to prevent a breach

When someone adds, removes or modifies mailbox or shared mailbox permissions in Office 365, you need to be the first one to know about it so you can immediately revert unauthorized changes. You can monitor Office 365 mailbox permissions using built-in tools. However, be ready to spend significant time in the audit search, adjusting the filters until you find the information you need. With Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange, you can track mailbox permission changes much faster by running a ready-to-use report. Subscribe to the report if you want to have this information delivered to you on schedule, so you can always be on top of mailbox permissions changes.

Preserving Office 365 user login history for security investigations and compliance checks

For security and compliance purposes, you might be required to store Office 365 login history far longer than native Office 365 tools can. With Netwrix Auditor for Azure AD, you can track your Office 365 login history for months and store your audit trail in a two-tiered, cost-effective storage for more than 10 years.