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What data can I get?

Information on data access events for SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

If you don’t perform regular data access monitoring in your Office 365 cloud environment, someone might view or download a file that they are not supposed to see and you won’t find out about the violation. Netwrix Auditor makes it easy to regularly review which users accessed or downloaded documents from your SharePoint Online sites or synchronized files in OneDrive for Business so you can make sure that no unauthorized access attempt to critical data slips under your radar and strengthen your data security.

Information on access permissions

Keeping your critical data secure in Office 365 is not easy, in part because of the intricate system of issuing permissions there. Netwrix Auditor enables you to quickly find out who has access to what in your cloud systems, see exactly how permissions were granted and identify broken inheritance in SharePoint Online. Using this clear insight, you can promptly spot and revoke any excessive permissions to reduce data exposure and avoid PR nightmares.

How can I use this data?

Improve detection of malicious insiders and compromised accounts

To secure your Office 365 cloud from more sophisticated threats, it’s crucial to have something up your sleeve that is more advanced than alerts. Netwrix Auditor helps you spot malicious insiders and compromised accounts by providing a single view of abnormal user activity across all audited systems, along with each user’s cumulative risk score.

Investigate security incidents and troubleshoot issues faster

Whenever you need to investigate a security incident or figure out what brought your cloud services down, Netwrix Auditor’s Interactive Search can help you quickly find the exact piece of information you need. Plus, you can create custom reports based on your search criteria to stay aware of similar incidents in the future.

Streamline compliance audit preparation with out-of-the-box reports

Native Office 365 tools provide no predefined compliance reports, which makes it hard to demonstrate to auditors that you do everything possible to keep your Office 365 secure. Netwrix Auditor makes this task simple with out-of-the-box compliance reports tailored to PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, SOX, GLBA, FISMA/NIST and other regulatory standards, so you can pass audits with far less time and effort.

What else do I get with Netwrix Auditor
for SharePoint and Exchange?

Easy integration with your ecosystem

Not every auditing solution can be easily integrated into your environment. Netwrix Auditor has a RESTful API that lets you integrate it with other security, compliance and IT automation tools so you can expand visibility to other systems and have your entire audit trail available from a single place.

Automated incident response

To save you time on responding manually to common and anticipated incidents, Netwrix Auditor empowers you to automate response to such incidents by embedding scripts in alerts. This ensures a prompt response without distracting you from more important tasks.

Cost-effective data storage

Many compliance standards require organizations to store their audit logs far longer than Microsoft Office 365 can. With Netwrix Auditor, you can store your audit trail in a two-tiered (file-based + SQL database), cost-effective storage for more than 10 years and easily access the archived data for historic reviews and inquiries.

Granular access to the platform resources

Many organizations have a complex infrastructure and need multiple users to have different level of access to the audit data and configuration settings. Netwrix Auditor enables you to granularly assign the appropriate access rights to each IT administration and business team in accordance with the least-privilege principle.

Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange

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Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint and Exchange

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