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NNT, Now Part of Netwrix, Offers The Most Scalable System Integrity And Change Control Solution With The Release of Change Tracker Gen 7 R2's Mega-Hub

Change Tracker Gen 7 R2 with the release of Mega Hub provides unrivaled reliability and unlimited scalability

New Net Technologies (NNT), now part of Netwrix, today announced noteworthy advancements to its flagship solution, Change Tracker Gen 7 R2 with the release of Mega Hub, which provides unrivaled reliability and unlimited scalability, even for the World’s largest IT estates comprising millions of devices.

NNT Change Tracker Gen 7 R2 provides fundamental cyber security prevention with real-time alerts for any attack. Strong cyber security can only be achieved by maintaining the integrity of IT systems. NNT have pioneered Intelligent Change Control technology, which ensures IT estates are locked into the most secure state at all times, with any changes undergoing automated analysis and acknowledgment.

By combining context-based File Integrity Monitoring and File Whitelisting, all change activity is automatically analyzed and validated. As one of only a few CIS Certified Vendors, NNT Change Tracker provides a full library of CIS Benchmark and DISA STIGs, guaranteeing IT systems are 100% securely configured. NNT Intelligent Change Control technology provides complete assurance that changes occurring within production environments are consistent and safe, and without the change noise that blunts traditional FIM solutions.

For organizations managing complex IT environments, automation of critical security controls is the only proven methodology to combat the relentless waves of cyberattacks. NNT Change Tracker Gen 7 R2 elevates system integrity monitoring to unprecedented levels of forensic visibility and change control, and with the addition of Mega-Hub, it is now the most scalable change control solution in the industry. Nobody else in our market-space can scale like we do for millions of devices.
Mark Kerrison, CEO of NNT, now part of Netwrix

Change Tracker Gen 7 R2’s Mega-Hub uses componentized and modular performance architecture that will assign capacity to all key functions within the software as required.

End-point agents consistently monitor the flow of change events sent back to the hub server, ensuring that an optimal rate is achieved. Where there is a need for more database storage, additional databases can be added with their own dedicated roles and fault-tolerance applied. Finally, within the core application hub, even individual processes can be hosted in dedicated containers, insulating its resource requirements from others.

This model of scalability results in a solution that can be molded to the demands and requirements of any modern SecureOps team. The innovation of NNT’s ‘Mega-Hub’ provides our customers who are serious about change control and automating key security controls, with mega-scale system integrity monitoring capable of handling hundreds of thousands of devices. The Mega-Hub not only replicates the flexibility of cloud computing but is the perfect cloud solution with the ability to expand and contract to suit different environments as demand dictates.
Mark Kerrison, CEO of NNT, now part of Netwrix

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