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We care about security of your data.
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Netwrix data classification for
Nutanix Files
Shed light on the data stored on your Nutanix file servers
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We care about security of your data.
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Identify and classify data on your Nutanix Files

Organizations create enormous numbers of files every day. How are you supposed to systemize and protect this endless flow of data? Netwrix Data Classification provides deep insight into what’s stored on your Nutanix Files so you can empower your business with accessible, well-organized and secure content.
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Save time by automating data classification
Free users from the tedious routine of manually tagging files and ensure information governance best practices are consistently followed by automating the data classification process.
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Get more accurate classification results
Dramatically reduce the burden of false positives and the risks of false negatives. Statistical analysis of data ensures highly-accurate results without loss of recall.
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Receive value right away with predefined taxonomies
Start protecting what matters the most in days, not weeks, using predefined taxonomies for the most common types of regulated and sensitive data, such as PHI and PII.
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Easily create your own taxonomies
Use the flexible taxonomy manager to easily set up your own classification rules to locate and classify data specific to your task or business.
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Boost the effectiveness of other applications
Improve the accuracy of your DLP solution and streamline data governance processes with augmented metadata.
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Reduce risk by automating data remediation tasks
Enhance security by automatically moving classified files to quarantine, revoking excessive permissions and redacting sensitive information to avoid overexposure.

Turn your content into a valuable asset and improve its security

When your data is poorly organized and unclassified, you are missing out on its true value — and putting your organization at risk of breaches and compliance failures. Treat your data as a valuable business asset and secure it accordingly with Netwrix Data Classification.
Strengthen the security of your regulated data and prove compliance
Know exactly what regulated information, such as PHI, PII or cardholder data, your business has and where it resides. Provide auditors with hard evidence that this data is stored only in secure locations with proper access controls.
Save time by automating data management tasks
Streamline your records management processes by detecting business-critical documents that are overexposed and automatically moving them to a secure location or archiving them according to your company policy. Preserve documents relevant for litigation and revoke access rights to ensure legal hold. Mitigate the risk of data breach by automatically moving overexposed sensitive files to a secure location.
Enable your organization to make the best use of its data
Help data users quickly find the information they need to drive business projects forward, without having to waste time sifting manually through information stored in multiple data silos.
Reduce costs by removing unneeded data
Identify redundant, obsolete or trivial content you might be able to safely remove or archive to cut data management and storage expenses.
Spend less time responding to legal requests
Empower your legal teams to accurately identify documents relevant for litigations and preserve this data through the duration of the investigation.
Read how Netwrix Data Classification can help you solve your most critical information security, content optimization and compliance needs, regardless of where your data is located.