Password Expiration Alerting with Netwrix Auditor

Automated password change reminder tool for remote users

Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier with limited functionality is freeware and never expires. The full Password Expiration Alerting functionality is available in Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory, which can be evaluated for free and without any limitations for 20 days.

Feature Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier (Freeware) Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory
(Free Trial)
Alerting users about upcoming password expiration Yes Yes
Alerting managers of users about expiring passwords for their direct reports Yes Yes
Alerting and reporting about expiring accounts (in addition to expiring passwords) Yes Yes
3 configurable reminders, such as 9 days, 7 days and 2 days before password expiration Yes Yes
Supports Windows Server 2008 Fine Grained Password Policies Yes Yes
E-mail customization No Yes, template-based, with references to AD user account attributes, such as name, title, department etc.
Daily summary reports sent to administrators by e-mail Yes Yes
"Plan & Test" feature to see how many users will be affected by planned password policy changes Yes Yes
Integration with self-service password reset tools, such as Netwrix Password Manager No Yes
Automatically runs in unattended mode on schedule to alert users and send reports Yes Yes
Non-intrusive – no changes in AD schema or system configuration are required Yes Yes
Scope of monitoring Single AD domain Multiple domains and/or OUs
Works in a non-trusted AD domain environment Yes Yes
Filtering capabilities By account name By account name,
by AD organizational unit, by group
SMTP server authentification No Yes
Secure Sockets Layer encrypted connection (SSL) No Yes
User text message (SMS) notification No Yes
Enterprise-class scalability Limited Full, including the ability to create a separate Managed object to OU
Integrated interface for all Netwrix products which provides centralized configuration and settings management No Yes
Single installation handles multiple domains and OU, each with its own unique settings No Yes
Technical Support Support Forum Full range of options
Licensing Free of charge Per AD account, please see our pricing information or request a quote
Download Freeware Free Trial