Netwrix New Releases and News — January 2012

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Don Jones Analyzes Netwrix Change Auditing Solution Based on a Survey among more than 600 IT Pros

The paper features 17 in-depth interviews and a focus group study with 18 IT professionals and managers

The paper analyzes in what way Netwrix Change Auditing Solution offers a different approach from native logging and how it addresses auditing challenges, including log consolidation, event gathering, log security, reporting, etc.

Why SIEM Solutions May Not Be the Best Fit for You in 2012

Netwrix provides a viable alternative to costly, complex and time consuming SIEM solutions

While 2011 on the whole was a good year for vendors in the Change Auditing and SIEM space, the ratio of interest and hype as compared to those that actually purchased and deployed was relatively low.

New List of Top-10 Freeware Tools for IT Professionals

Check out the new list of tools for change auditing, identity management, system monitoring and end-point security

Audit changes in AD, SharePoint and file servers; manage event logs from multiple network computers; control unauthorized access to other users' mailboxes; manage passwords; control usage of USB devices and much more.

The ABCs of Security and Compliance

Understanding security and compliance is as easy as ABC: Access, Breaches and Changes

In the article the author, Chris Rich, Senior Director of Product Management, explains how to meet both security and compliance goals simultaneously by doing three simple tasks on a regular basis.

Results of the Donate-Your-Discount-to-Charity Program

Kudos to all who took part in the program!

As our traditional and a very special end-of-the-year promotion is coming to an end we would like to extend gratitude to all who made a donation. Together we made a small but yet important step to help those in need.

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