Why SIEM Solutions May Not Be the Best Fit for You in 2012

Netwrix provides a viable alternative to costly, complex and time consuming SIEM solutions

London, UK, 26 January, 2012

Quick facts:

  • While 2011 on the whole was a good year for vendors in the Change Auditing and SIEM space, the ratio of interest and hype as compared to those that actually purchased and deployed was relatively low.

  • Last year organizations educated themselves and performed research on potential solutions whereas 2012 will see these projects come to life.

  • Despite a huge rise in the identification of "needs" within the mid- market and enterprise actual deployment of SIEM solutions was hampered by a lack of "understanding of scope", "allocated budgets" and "time to deploy".

  • In 2012 Netwrix projects more organisations will invest in modular change auditing solutions that allow them deploy a solution piece by piece at a manageable pace.

  • Organisations are motivated to tick the "compliance" check-box and exercise good practices without having to go through the complex and costly process of implementing a comprehensive SIEM solution.

  • What we are finding is there is often a false perception around implementing change auditing to meet security and compliance requirements that it is going to be expensive, complex and time consuming where in fact it doesn't need to be. Often these "needs" are easily addressed with a simple, affordable and lightweight software based Change Auditing solution.

  • While some organizations may require and can justify implementing and support SIEM solutions, it is important that organisations very carefully consider what it is they actually need to be sure they aren't paying a premium for something they don't need or worse, can't implement or use effectively.


Aidan Simister, Country Manager UK and Ireland at Netwrix Corporation:
"As the need and awareness for enterprise change auditing solutions has improved, there is still a great deal of misinformation surrounding what is involved in selecting a traditional SIEM solution to address these needs. This year we expect organisations to have allocated time and budgets for projects to actually implement them and expect more of them to choose modular approaches for their simplicity, ease of implementation and overall cost. One of the single most overlooked shortcomings among many SIEM solutions is that they frequently rely on a single source of audit trail data which can be more susceptible to tampering. Netwrix addresses this by extracting audit data from multiple sources to ensure integrity of that auditing data. I'd recommend anyone considering SIEM to take a look at the Netwrix buyers guide to enable them to compare features, costs and benefits of the key vendors."

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