January 2013 news: new product for privileged user monitoring, white paper about efficient IT infrastructure auditing and more

New product: Netwrix User Activity Video Reporter

We were looking forward to unveil something amazing to you... and finally the brand-new product is here! Netwrix User Activity Video Reporter provides video logging for critical IT systems. The product acts like a surveillance camera for your servers, recording all user activity for later review.

New product versions: unified auditing, password management and others

Building on the success of the previous versions, Netwrix releases new product updates of the following award-winning solutions:

  • Netwrix Change Reporter Suite 3.3 - Download
  • Netwrix Identity Management Suite 3.2 - Download
  • Netwrix All-in-One Suite 3.3 - Download
  • Netwrix SQL Server Change Reporter 2.6 - Download
  • Netwrix Password Manager 6.5 - Download
  • Netwrix Password Expiration Notifier 3.3 - Download

New white paper: How to Effectively Audit Your IT Infrastructure

Read our new white paper to find out a simple and efficient approach to IT infrastructure auditing, including proper planning, estimation of time needed to implement an effective IT auditing solution, critical resources and much more!

In the blog: Top 3 requirements for privilege user activity monitoring

Read the latest blog post by Robert Bobel, Director of Product Management at Netwrix, to find out why customers have asked for privilege user activity monitoring.

In the blog: TechRepublic covers Netwrix revolutionary approach

TechRepublic covered Netwrix in a recent article about Netwrix revolutionary approach to change and configuration auditing and how this technology is key in any GRC and security strategies.

In the blog: Is 2013 the year of affordable SIEM?

IT budgets in 2013 will increase by 18% and much of this increase is being allocated for security auditing projects. Read the blog post to find out how to deal with the gap between budget sensitivity and inability of existing SIEM solutions to meet all of an organization’s auditing needs.