AIIM Industry Watch: State of the Industry – Content Services

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AIIM Industry Watch: State of the Industry – Content Services
AIIM is a non-profit organization that provides independent research, training and certification for information professionals. In their 2019 Industry Watch research, they explore how organizations are using content services to address information management challenges and power their transformation into true digital businesses. They also analyze how automation is affecting user expectations about information governance, and how spending patterns are changing.

Some key findings of the research are:

  • 79% of respondents say digital transformation is “important” or “very important” to the future of their organization.
  • Over 50% of organizations see the automation of compliance and governance as “highly important” or “a deal changer,” but for 70% of them, key governance processes remain less than 50% automated.
  • 34% of organizations are exploring content integration, migration and collaboration technologies.

Read the research to get more insights about content services and its connection to digital transformation.