Hawthorne, N.J., October 12, 2018

Stealthbits, Now Part of Netwrix, Introduces Additional Active Directory Rollback and Recovery Capabilities with the Release of StealthRECOVER 1.3

The latest version of Active Directory (AD) rollback and recovery solution, StealthRECOVER 1.3, is announced today

Stealthbits, now part of Netwrix, a cybersecurity vendor that makes data security easy, today announced the latest version of their Active Directory (AD) rollback and recovery solution, StealthRECOVER 1.3.

The health and operational integrity of Active Directory has a direct and significant impact on the security of an organization. The ability to remediate undesirable changes to Active Directory, whether accidental or malicious, is an important element of maintaining a secure and optimized AD environment. With StealthRECOVER 1.3, Stealthbits expands on their commitment to enable organizations to quickly and easily rollback attribute changes, recover deleted objects, and restore the health of Active Directory – without any associated disruption or downtime.

Stealthbits has introduced additional functionality in StealthRECOVER 1.3, including the ability to backup and rollback Active Directory Sites and Services and support for the read-only backup of an organization’s AD schema, providing users with increased visibility into any changes which may occur in their environment. In addition, Stealthbits has made improvements to the user interface, along with enhancements to the solution’s resiliency, logging functionality, and general performance.

The ability to rollback changes in AD to a known good state is a critical part of Active Directory management. Stealthbits continues to strategically invest in AD management and security based on feedback from customers who report that products they have used in the past have gone stale, due to acquisition and lack of focus.
Adam Laub, SVP of Product Marketing at Stealthbits, now part of Netwrix

StealthRECOVER 1.3 is available immediately. To learn more, please visit www.netwrix.com/active_directory_recovery_software.html

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