Hawthorne, N.J., August 28, 2018

Stealthbits, Now Part of Netwrix, Introduces Enhancements to Real-Time Behavioral Analytics Platform

The latest version of real-time threat analytics and alerting platform StealthDEFEND is announced today

Stealthbits, now part of Netwrix, a cybersecurity vendor that makes data security easy, today announced the latest version of their real-time threat analytics and alerting platform, StealthDEFEND.

As a stand-alone solution or an integrated component of Stealthbits’ Data Access Governance suite, StealthDEFEND approaches data security through the mindset of an adversary, focusing on attack methods used in enterprise breaches to protect customers against a variety of sophisticated attacks, insider threats, account compromise, and malware. Using unsupervised machine learning, StealthDEFEND 1.2’s intelligent indicators produces contextualized data so security professionals not only get the highly advanced analysis of data activity provided natively in the product, but the ability to automatically contain and respond to threats with the use of the built-in Incident Response Playbooks.

Insider threats rely heavily, almost exclusively, on remaining undetected. This allows them to progress through the Kill Chain and discover sensitive systems, accounts, and data to be used throughout their attack. The introduction of StealthDEFEND 1.2 marks significant improvements in our ability to reduce insider dwell time with built-in Incident Response Playbooks that automate multi-stage actions ranging from basic alerting to triggering step-up authentication – reducing what threat actors need the most to progress through the Kill Chain.
Gabriel Gumbs, VP of Product Strategy in Stealthbits, now part of Netwrix

Built on more than a decade of Data Access Governance experience and expertise, StealthDEFEND analyzes millions of access events daily in real-time, without reliance on lagging indicators such as native logs, to quickly identify abnormal user behavior and activity, especially around sensitive data. StealthDEFEND then presents this information through interactive dashboards as it happens, with contextual visualizations like heat maps and the ability to feed this enriched data into SIEM solutions for further analysis.

Learn more about StealthDEFEND 1.2 by visiting www.netwrix.com/threat_detection_software.html

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