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One of the first steps in improving your security posture is to harden your systems against attack

Out of the box, systems and software are not secure. Vendors ship their products with all the bells and whistles turned on, whether you need those features or not. This creates unneccessary cracks in the attack surface of the infrastructure we depend on to run our organizations. 

There are some foundational steps that should be taken to reduce your attack surface, one of those is to harden the configuration of your systems and software to close those cracks and make your infrastucture less vulnerable to intrusion. 

Netwrix Change Tracker helps you harden your systems and software in two ways.

  1. We ship the product with over 250 CIS certified benchmark configurations. This allows you to quickly determine the regulations you need to comply with and then apply that hardened configuration to your systems. This removes the guess work from how to make your systems less vulnerable to attack and possible compromise.
  2. We offer the ability to clone a known-secure configuration or "gold standard" system and apply it's configuration to other systems, making the job of standardizing security easy across your organization.