Facilitating Data Loss Prevention with Netwrix Auditor

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How well you protect your corporate data can determine whether your organization prospers, decays or dies a sudden death. Although every organization is vulnerable to data loss, you shouldn’t try to build a fortress — it will inevitably be breached from the outside and attacked from within. Instead, the smarter strategy is to become more resilient by building a layered defense strategy that helps you minimize your attack surface and spot suspicious behavior in time to respond effectively.

Gartner urges organizations looking to get started with data loss prevention (DLP) to explore the DLP capabilities of the products they already have before adopting an enterprise DLP solution, and names Netwrix as a vendor that offers a solution to help with the data discovery aspect of DLP. This eBook expands upon these important data protection issues. You’ll find answers to the following questions:

  • What is data loss prevention?
  • How can you find the right DLP approach for your organization?
  • How can Netwrix Auditor help you prevent data loss?