Press Release: Netwrix Corporation Announces New Release of Active Directory Auditing Solution

Innovative Software to Further Enhance Change Auditing and Reporting for Active Directory

Paramus, New Jersey, July 1, 2008 - Netwrix Corporation, a provider of identity management, compliance and change management solutions for Active Directory and virtual environments, announced today that it has released the version 4.0 of Netwrix Active Directory Change Reporter. The new software, which is available in both a commercial and free downloadable version, further extends Active Directory auditing.

"At Netwrix, we are committed to unifying the IT change management platform," said Netwrix President and CEO Michael Fimin. "This version of Active Directory Change Reporter further solidifies that objective while, at the same time, it provides IT professionals with a better tool for expanding the capacity to dissect all Group Policy changes, including policies that can impact security while ensuring the ability to adhere to strict regulatory compliance issues."

The most significant feature of the new Netwrix Active Directory Change Reporter comes in the area of Group Policy change auditing where all changes made to Group Policy Objects (GPO) can be better tracked and scrutinized, including changes within newly created, deleted or modified GPO settings. With the product's setting-level reporting feature, the ability to detect all policy changes on the most-detailed level can be done with relative ease. Such functionality unlocks the ability to quickly see critical security policy changes and changes to desktop configurations. The new version of Netwrix Active Directory Change Reporter also allows for deeper scrutiny through setting-level audits with detailed reporting, which allows IT professionals to delve further inside every GPO in order to extract and report all changed settings. The end result for IT professionals is improved management capabilities across the board.

While smaller companies can benefit from the free edition of the new Netwrix Active Directory Change Reporter, Netwrix also offers a commercial version of this product that further expands reporting capabilities. The commercial version allows IT managers to monitor the activities of all personnel within the department and provides them with a detailed summary of all changes on a daily basis.

In the commercial version, with the advanced reporting capability, IT professionals also have access to enhanced web-based reports with filtering, grouping, and robust exporting capabilities, which can be shared between IT management and IT auditors. The ability to review such reports, see the changes and quickly restore settings is streamlined further with the product's Change Rollback Wizard feature. The Change Rollback Wizard is a significant time saver for companies of all sizes because it assists users in making quick rollbacks of unwanted and unauthorized changes further down in the change management line. The commercial version also introduces a new level of enterprise-class scalability with support for distributed data collection.

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