Group Policy Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Group Policy auditing is critical for any organization that relies on Group Policy. Hardening Group Policy security is essential because even seemingly minor changes to various Active Directory policies, such as desktop configuration policy or software restriction policy, can severely impact enterprise IT security and compliance. For instance, an unauthorized change to the password policy that shortens the maximum password age might leave users locked out of their accounts, creating an overwhelming burden for the IT helpdesk and halting business operations.

Native auditing of Group Policy changes

Built-in Group Policy management tools cannot provide the full visibility into configuration changes you need to ensure Group Policy security. Native auditing tools tell you only that some Group Policy has changed and provide cryptic GUIDs for cross-reference; they do not report on exactly which settings were changed and how. The equally crucial who, what and when details will not be easy to determine either. The resulting lack of visibility into Group Policy changes will leave you unable to validate your compliance and vulnerable to attacks on your systems.

Getting full visibility into Group Policy changes

Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory enables Group Policy change control by providing complete visibility into all changes made to your Active Directory policies, including objects, settings, links and permissions. All of these changes are reported with comprehensive who-what-when-where details and before and after values. Each report is easy to read, and you can filter, sort and export the audit data, as well as subscribe to reports delivered automatically via email.

Enabling Group Policy configuration auditing

The configuration auditing feature of Netwrix Auditor for Active Directory enables you to compare the current Group Policy configuration to the configuration from any point the past, for even stronger Group Policy change control. State-in-time reports help you ensure that no Group Policy has changed without your approval and easily prove to compliance auditors that required IT controls are in place.

All Group Policy Changes report from Netwrix Auditor: Action, What, Who and When