Détecter les comportements anormaux des utilisateurs

About this webinar

Recorded: July 10, 2018

Déceler des comportements anormaux des utilisateurs est une action qui vous aide à sécuriser vos data.
Durant ce webinar vous allez découvrir :
- Pourquoi surveiller les comportements des utilisateurs est important 
- Les failles de sécurité les plus significatives
- Bonnes pratiques pour l'analyse des comportements utilisateurs
- Le cycle de sécurité

Hosted by
Damien Lahbib,
Account Executive

Active Directory 101: Install and Configure AD Domain Services

This webinar covers the first section of Exam 70-742, which focuses on effective installation and administration of Active Directory. In addition to providing step-by-step training from an AD expert, the session also explores the potential pitfalls of AD configuration and ways to ensure your configuration enhances the security of your IT environment.

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  • How to install and configure domain controllers (DCs)
  • Best practices for creating AD users and computers
  • How to effectively approach AD group and organizational unit (OU) management
  • How Netwrix Auditor’s reporting functionality can help you identify security gaps in your AD configuration and maintain good IT hygiene
1pm EDT
23 April, 1pm EDT
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