Active Directory Audit Checklist

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Active Directory plays a critical role in today’s enterprise IT environments. In any Microsoft Windows ecosystem, Active Directory is critical for identity management, authentication, authorization, security and operations, in part because the configuration of AD settings affects multiple information systems through Group Policy. Therefore, proper auditing of AD is essential for enterprise cybersecurity.


Netwrix has created an Active Directory Auditing Quick Reference Guide to help enterprise admins effectively track AD configuration changes on domain controllers so they can promptly review security events  to speed incident response. Do you ever need to know who created new privileged accounts, or investigate conflicting user access rights or changes to user group membership? Are you and your fellow administrators having trouble implementing AD auditing best practices?


This guide provides important tips that will enable you to tackle these and other tasks more efficiently, improving your enterprise Active Directory audit program. It provides both an AD auditing configuration checklist and an event ID reference.


Download the PDF today and use it either as an Active Directory assessment checklist or as step-by-step guidance for investigating issues. You will learn how to configure: 

  • Audit policy settings
  • Object-level auditing
  • Security event log settings

With this guide, you can enhance your information security posture by gaining complete visibility into every action in your Active Directory environment.