Netwrix Auditor

Change auditing of IT infrastructure

Real-Time Reporting and Alerts

Data is captured in real-time from all audited servers and resources making sure there are no chances of ‘hidden’ changes made between traditional log captures or exports. Because data is captured in real-time, the opportunity to respond to potentially harmful events is increased and the risk of those incidents causing potentially irreparable damage is diminished. This includes not only adverse changes to Active Directory but also for critical events audited in Windows event logs. This provides a fully customizable response mechanism for your most sensitive assets.

Uses optional server based agents for data compression and filtering in large and/or multi-site locations or agent-less data collection. No matter how large or small the environment and no matter how disparate the systems may be, Netwrix Auditor can handle it all.

By employing server-based agents, data from event logs are filtered and compressed from all audited resources and sent across the network so as to maximize efficiency and minimize resource utilization. Server-based agents are the safest and most optimal method of collecting and compiling data across medium-to-large networks.

Smaller networks can implement the use of centralized data collection if server agents are unwanted. In these implementations, the suite gathers audit and event log data from each source directly.

Using a built-in alert system, you can configure Active Directory alerts when critical resources in your Active Directory change or notifications when critical conditions appear in audited Windows event logs. Notify one or more parties, including administrators and/or managers via e-mail and SMS alerts as soon as an event trigger occurs, further ensuring audit events on select critical resources and objects are reported as they happen.

These customizable alerts setup quickly and easily using an intuitive interface offering multiple selection criteria and options. Real-time alerts further protect data and enterprise-wide integrity from changes that can cause damage, downtime, or lapses in regulatory compliance by permitting timely and appropriate responses.

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