Keep your SharePoint infrastructure secure and available with complete change auditing

Gain deep insight into all changes that impact compliance, security and availability across your SharePoint sites, including changes to farm configuration; change to security, from the farm level down to single document permissions; and the creation, deletion or modification of any SharePoint content.
"Netwrix Auditor gives us much better insight and vision into our infrastructure. If a change occurs, we need to know exactly who made the change and when it was made. If we do see some sort of issue, it can be tracked back very easily to a change that was initially made."

Daniel Schultheiss, Director of Information Technology, CSO,


Streamline SharePoint reporting for compliance

Is your organization obliged to meet particular compliance requirements and is it subject to periodic audits? Demonstrate that you do everything possible to secure your data with out-of-the-box compliance reports mapped to specific regulatory standards, including PCI DSS 3.0, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA/NIST800-53 and ISO/IEC 27001.
Meet SharePoint audit requirements and prove compliance with Netwrix

Support your investigations for security and business continuity

What if your SharePoint reports indicate that a document is missing from its normal location or that protected financial documents were modified? Or suppose two new sites were created or deleted last month without your supervision. You’ll definitely want to take a closer look at these incidents. The Interactive Search feature ensures you can quickly get the necessary level of details on those changes.
Enhance SharePoint security auditing with Interactive Search

Control all SharePoint activity with predefined SharePoint reports

Enhance the security of your data and help prevent interruptions to business operations with detailed SharePoint audit reports. For example, you can track changes to farm configuration made through the central administration website. You can also monitor all modifications of permissions and permission inheritance, group membership, permission levels and security policies, as well as changes to content, such as sites, lists and libraries, folders, documents and list items.
Simplify SharePoint audit with predefined reports and dashboards

Keep an eye on who reads documents and lists located on your SharePoint sites

Get a detailed picture of activity on your SharePoint sites, including unusual spikes in reads of your most sensitive files, by regularly reviewing information on who read which documents and when. Use Interactive Search to quickly pinpoint and investigate unsanctioned activity that might result in a security breach by simply narrowing the search scope to the specific file you are interested in.
Keep an eye on who reads documents and lists located on your SharePoint sites

Retain your SharePoint audit trail for years for post-factum analyses and investigations

Ensure easy access to archived data for historic reviews and inquiries. The two-tiered (file-based + SQL database) cost-effective storage keeps a complete audit trail for 10 years or more.
Overcome limitations of SharePoint audit log and store data for years

Deploy Netwrix Auditor wherever you need it

Download a free 20-day trial of Netwrix Auditor and deploy it on Microsoft Windows Server.
Download our virtual appliance and start using Netwrix Auditor without having to provision any hardware or software.
Deploy Netwrix Auditor from the Microsoft Azure or AWS marketplaces and get up and running with auditing in just minutes.

Subscribe stakeholders to SharePoint audit reports or grant them full access to audit information

Automate the report delivery process by subscribing your managers, directors, security officers, site owners or anyone else to scheduled reports. The data they need will be delivered to their email addresses or to shared folders on the schedule you specify, eliminating the hassle of manual work. As an alternative, provide stakeholders with full access to SharePoint reporting and monitoring capabilities by installing the Netwrix Auditor client on their computers.
"Monitoring our administrators' behavior is a top priority for us, and Netwrix Auditor has a winning combination of features to keep a close eye on privileged users. We can also immediately find and resolve issues attributed to user configuration errors. Netwrix Auditor not only helps us determine the root cause of problems and troubleshoot them faster, it also helps with junior administrators’ training to make sure they are doing everything right."

David Boyle, Manager of IT Infrastructure,

City of Guelph, Canada