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Azure security and compliance audits are crucial for any organization that relies on cloud infrastructure to handle their business processes and customer data. The substantial challenge is to make sure that your Microsoft Azure setup meets your network security requirements and allows you to adhere to industry best practices and regulatory standards for privacy, security and data protection.

Common issues in Azure security auditing and compliance reporting

When your business runs on integrated cloud services and Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD) becomes a central part of your cloud environment, protecting this critical system from unauthorized configuration changes and unwarranted logins is a must-do task. To pass Azure security audits and ensure compliance, you need to implement solid access control and get complete visibility into everything that happens in Microsoft Entra ID. This can be challenging for multiple reasons:

  • Native monitoring and auditing tools for Microsoft Entra ID require you to scroll through massive amounts of audit logs to find important events. That process takes a lot of time, and important events can go unnoticed in all the noise.
  • Native Azure monitoring can’t deliver consolidated reports for all Azure resources. Instead, you will get different reports for each resource, each of which must be processed separately.
  • Because native Azure logs are hard to read and process, it is difficult to promptly detect and pursue suspicious activity in Microsoft Entra ID to minimize the risk of identity theft, unauthorized access to critical resources and other threats.
  • Compiling all the required information into usable compliance reports can take days, because finding and extracting the exact data you need from the audit logs is not an easy task.
  • While in theory the retention period for a storage account in Azure can be set up to 146,000 days, the cost will depend on the period selected and the amount of data stored. Therefore, figuring out how much it will cost you to store all necessary event logs and securely protect them while being able to review them at any time is a daunting task.

How to ensure Microsoft Entra ID security and streamline compliance with Netwrix Auditor

Can you provide solid evidence that your Microsoft Entra ID is secure? Are you able to collect analytics across your cloud platform? Are you ready for your next compliance audit? Netwrix Auditor for Microsoft Entra ID delivers pervasive visibility into activity logs so you can say with confidence that you know what’s going on in your Microsoft Entra ID environment and there are no security blind spots. This solution’s compliance and security auditing capabilities enable you to:

  • Validate your security policy with pre-built and customizable reports that give you a broader perspective on Microsoft Entra ID events, including user actions and configuration changes.
  • Slash compliance report preparation time with out-of-the-box reports mapped to the most common regulatory standards, such as CJIS, FERPA, FISMA/NIST, GDPR, GLBA, HIPAA, ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DSS and SOX.
  • Simplify Microsoft Entra ID access control for security and compliance by collecting user and admin sign-in logs and easily generating security reports on all successful and unsuccessful attempts to access your Microsoft Entra ID and cloud applications.
  • Expedite investigations by using the Google-like interactive search to drill down into the audit data and get to the root cause of abnormal activity in minutes.
  • Sleep soundly at night by configuring custom alerts on critical activity — such as the addition of a member to a critical group, the deletion of an application from the collection, or the modification of a user account — across your Microsoft Entra ID environment, so you can remediate improper changes before they lead to serious damage.
  • Keep your consolidated Microsoft Entra ID logs securely for years in the cost-effective two-tiered storage (SQL Server database + file-based) with a configurable retention period and access your data any time an auditor knocks at your door.