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Information systems in the IT infrastructure, like Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and file servers, are responsible for varying types of information and configurations: security, access controls, email, user-generated content and more. Each of these information types play a critical role in maintaining regulatory compliance, establishing security and maintaining day-to-day operations. Because changes to the IT infrastructure repeatedly occur, regular information system auditing is a must. When organizations do not routinely review system changes, the risk of compliance violations, security breaches and operational failures increase.

Auditing each information system individually, however, can be complex, tedious and full of extraneous information. Organizations aren't able to easily consolidate audit events from individual systems into a single, consolidated and high-level report.

Fortunately, Netwrix Auditor provides a consolidated information system auditing. Its Enterprise Overview dashboards aggregate change events from critical systems (Active Directory, Exchange, SharePoint and more) into a single view. The dashboards then graphically display the information as high-level statistics that can be drilled-down for specific detail (like the before and after values of who changed what, when and where). Administrators are able to easily spot trends and anomalies across the IT infrastructure.

By auditing information systems in a consolidated, single view organizations have complete visibility into what is happening in the IT infrastructure. This ability streamlines compliance, strengthens security and simplifies root cause analysis.

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