Enterprise-Grade Visibility

Large organizations rely on Netwrix to assess their security risks and protect
their most valuable information assets — both on-premises and in the cloud.
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Modern Security Threats Have Met Their Match

Netwrix is a leading global provider of 360-degree visibility into hybrid IT infrastructures. The Netwrix Auditor
platform delivers comprehensive, enterprise-ready security features — including data access governance,
user behavior analysis and activity monitoring, alerting, risk assessment, and incident investigation.
Prevent data exfiltration
Better secure your valuable data by controlling access entitlements and spotting access anomalies. Netwrix Auditor delivers broad visibility into user access to systems, applications, and structured and unstructured data repositories.
Arm yourself against ransomware
Limit the damage ransomware can inflict on your sensitive data and critical operations. Netwrix Auditor helps you tightly control user privileges, object permissions and Group Policy to limit the reach of malware.
Reduce exposure to external threats
Minimize your attack surface by discovering security blind zones. Netwrix Auditor helps you answer critical questions like “Are there any malicious files on our network?”, and “Do we have any loose password policies?”
Out-think malicious insiders
Spot even subtle signs of suspicious activity. Netwrix Auditor’s user behavior analysis capabilities help you detect unusual access to network resources, unauthorized data touches, creation of back doors and other unauthorized activity.
Slash compliance costs by up to 50%
Fulfill the key regulatory controls of the regulations you’re subject to with far less effort and expense. Netwrix Auditor’s out-of-the-box compliance reports enable you to demonstrate the maturity of your cybersecurity program and meet auditors’ expectations.
Make better data governance decisions
Reduce cost and risk by better understanding and managing your unstructured data stores. Netwrix Auditor’s file analysis capabilities enable you to effectively answer questions about data ownership, usage patterns and exposure.

Have you noticed a paradigm shift?

Some enterprises are still investing in siloed point solutions for security, but the rules of the game are changing fast. Learn how forward-thinking IT executives are now focusing on enterprise-wide visibility to address the critical IT security challenges of today and tomorrow.
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An Investment that Delivers

Enterprise security is priceless — but it doesn’t have to be pricey. At Netwrix, we understand the importance of maximizing the value of every dollar you spend on information security governance, for both the initial investment and the ongoing operational costs. That’s why Netwrix Auditor delivers the comprehensive capabilities you need in a single solution that saves you time and money every day:
Extensive security governance features
Supports your strategic initiatives, such as identity & access management, privileged user monitoring, and incident response.
The broadest coverage of it systems
Delivers visibility and control across multiple on-premises and cloud-based IT systems, including Azure AD, SharePoint Online and Exchange Online.
Reasonable pricing
Offers reasonable pricing for the initial purchase and transparent and predictable operating expenses.
Streamlined investigations of siem alerts
Helps you overcome SIEM limitations by enabling you to rapidly find contextually relevant information about security or operational incidents.
Integrated compliance features
Provides out-of-the-box compliance reports that help you address specific requirements of FISMA, HIPAA, GLBA and other regulations.
Easy integrations through a RESTful API
Extends the value of your existing investments by automating critical processes and delivering visibility into even more IT systems.
Easy deployment and logical workflows
Eliminates the need for expensive consultancy services by providing straightforward deployment and easy to understand GUI.

Relieve the compliance burden

Netwrix Auditor’s robust auditing and reporting capabilities enable you to prepare evidence of compliance in minutes or hours instead of days or weeks, and respond immediately to requests and recommendations from assessors during audits.

Read how we helped Zeon Chemicals achieve higher levels of staff accountability, enforce security policies and pass J-SOX audits with ease.

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Interested in how we can help you address the requirements of a particular regulation? Visit our compliance page.

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An effective identity and access management tool can improve security, optimize workflows, reduce errors and even deliver cost savings. But many IAM projects stumble right out of the gate due to lack of proper analysis and preparation.

Learn how the deep visibility Netwrix Auditor delivers can help you successfully roll out your enterprise IAM program and make sure it is delivering on its promises.

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Build a multi-layered ransomware defense strategy

Encryption ransomware is now one of the most common threats to valuable corporate data. While no organization can avoid being the target of ransomware attacks, smart enterprises take proactive steps to withstand them.

Watch an overview video that explains how Netwrix Auditor reduces ransomware’s ability to encrypt your critical files and cripple your business.

Get more details about how Netwrix Auditor can help you enforce polices, alert you to signs of ransomware in progress and reveal the scope of the attack.

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I was able to achieve my security objectives with greater environment coverage
and increased granularity — and for less money. Needless to say, my executive
leadership was thrilled. Netwrix proves you don’t have to buy expensive
products to get a reliable enterprise solution with top-notch support.
Stephen Melcher,
IT Security Manager, R1 RCM

Extra Value through Integrations

Managing and maintaining technical products gets harder and harder as their number grows. That’s why we
built Netwrix Auditor to integrate organically into your IT ecosystem. By using our free add-ons or easily creating
your own, you can extend the capabilities of the technologies you already use — without having to reengineer
your existing workflows. For example, you can:
Enrich SIEM output data to quickly get the contextual awareness you need for a true understanding of what’s happening in your IT environment.
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Monitor your Cisco infrastructure to detect attacks aimed at manipulating your network traffic or masking illegitimate access to your critical systems.
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Enable faster and more accurate security investigations by automating the incident handling process in ServiceNow Incident Management.
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Free, ready-to-use add-ons
We’ve created free add-ons to help you get the most value out of the tools you already use, from SIEMs like Splunk to ticketing solutions like ServiceNow.
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Custom integrations
It’s easy to create your own add-on — just visit the Netwrix Technology Integrations page for instructions. Or you can outsource the work to our professional services team.
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The Netwrix Difference

Since its inception, Netwrix has focused exclusively on bridging visibility gaps to strengthen information security. We allocate all of our resources to the enhancement of the Netwrix Auditor platform, and build expertise in-house rather than relying on mergers or acquisitions.
Truly integrated platform
Delivers the broadest coverage of IT systems and applications through a single, unified platform.
Actionable intelligence
Transforms cryptic, noisy activity logs into clear, human-readable information enriched with context.
Non-intrusive architecture
Operates in agentless mode so it never degrades system performance or causes downtime.
Open RESTful API
Integrates with third-party or custom-built applications so you can improve security and automate IT workflows.
Flexible deployment options
Can be deployed on-premises, in a virtual environment and
in the cloud.
Superior customer support
Our U.S.-based tech support team earns superior satisfaction rates year after year.

A Strategic Business Partner

Having a strong technology partner is good; having a well-connected one is even better. That’s why Netwrix has built strategic partnerships with industry-leading vendors like Microsoft, Oracle, ServiceNow and VMware — to ensure you receive a superior, vendor-proven visibility solution that supports your data security and risk mitigation initiatives.
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