Netwrix Auditor

Change auditing of IT infrastructure

Total Enterprise Visibility

Netwrix Auditor tracks all changes to your most critical resources, regardless of location and compiles them into detailed reports and alerts to provide total enterprise visibility. Gather all details of every change over any time period including WHO made WHAT change and WHERE without having to manually piece together related audit and event logs from multiple sources. Scouring event logs is time consuming and can introduce human error.

The ability to completely and accurately collect the same detail of data requires in-depth knowledge of each related system. With Netwrix Auditor, all of this audit information spread across your enterprise is collected and organized accurately and presented clearly to deliver better results in a fraction of the time. Detailed audit data serves as an optimal resource for performing detailed forensic analysis of security incidents and other activity in the network that requires such investigations. No other solution offers more enterprise visibility in one package.

Support for non-Windows systems including NetApp Filer, EMC VNX/VNXe/Celerra, VMware vSphere, Cisco devices and others. Audit your entire IT infrastructure from a single, easy to use Microsoft Management Console interface including:

  • Changes to Active Directory objects including the schema, configuration, users, groups and computers
  • Changes to Group Policy objects and settings
  • Changes to files and file/folder permissions on Windows file servers, and storage appliances such as NetApp Filers, and EMC VNX/VNXe/Celerra
  • Changes to Exchange server objects, configuration and permissions
  • (NEW) Auditing of non-owner mailbox access attempts
  • (NEW) SharePoint administrative settings and document changes (*)
  • (NEW) Windows Server configuration changes
  • (NEW) System Center Virtual Machine Manager changes
  • (NEW) Tracking and recording all successful and failed User logon events
  • Changes to SQL Server objects, configuration and permissions
  • Changes VMware vSphere configuration and virtual machine settings
  • Changes to network devices including firewalls, routers, switches and communications equipment

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(*) Now Netwrix Management Console does not support Netwrix SharePoint Change Reporter. This module runs as a stand-alone application. After Netwrix Management Console integration current customers will receive this update free of charge.