Tame Your Unstructured Data with File Analysis

Netwrix Auditor delivers complete visibility into excessive access rights, overexposed and stale data, anomalous access attempts, and more, across all your file servers.

Stay aware of user file access events, including file reads and failed access attempts
Gain visibility into file activity across your file servers
Lock down overexposed data to minimize the risk of data exfiltration
Determine both who owns what data and who uses that data, for smarter file management
Optimize storage usage with data cleansing
Manage the growth of unstructured data to control storage costs and enhance user productivity

Save Time with a Robust File Analysis Report Portfolio

Netwrix Auditor includes a broad set of predefined file analysis reports that facilitate information governance by providing a detailed mapping of your unstructured data and visibility into user activity at your fingertips.

Monitor File Activity with Enterprise Overview Dashboards

Enterprise overview dashboards provide consolidated statistics on file activity and user behavior across all audited systems, enabling detection of anomalous activity spikes. Interactive charts make it easy to visualize and understand what’s happening on your file servers, Exchange (both cloud-based and on-premises) and SharePoint.

  • Spot unusual spikes in file activity with an aggregated graph of activity by date
  • Keep an eye on user activity and be informed about the most and least active users
  • Look out for anomalous reads or changes on your file servers
  • Dig into the details of any action to ensure no security breach took place
  • Identify servers with the most activity so you can balance the load for better performance
"File analysis enables storage managers, legal and security professionals, and business analysis to understand and manage unstructured data stores to reduce costs and risk, increase efficiency of business-critical data, and make better information management decisions for unstructured data."

Speed Investigations with Interactive Search

The Google-like search feature enables you to quickly untangle complex file activity and get to the root cause of a problem, such as a change to permissions. Or simply enter a folder or file name in the search box to see when the folder was last read or modified so you can better assess whether it still has business value.

  • Get a full picture of user and file activity, including data access events, data modifications, and changes to permissions and group membership
  • Narrow the scope of your search with a variety of filters
  • Save your custom searches to accelerate future investigations
Learn about file analysis best practices that can help you better manage data and keep file server permissions under control.
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