Control what is happening to your files and folders

Choose from 30+ out-of-the-box reports that detail access events (successful and failed); changes made to files and folders; the previous and current state of your file systems; and data ownership and usage. You can also quickly determine effective permissions by user and by object, as well as identify excessive permissions.
"Netwrix Auditor helps us identify which users have access to protected folders or payroll or accounting folders that contain business-critical information and require special protection. It also sheds light on attempts to access files, so we can easily spot malicious user activity and be proactive in terms of defense against insider misuse."

Mark Patten, Director of Corporate Engineering,


Investigate changes that seem suspicious

If a report or dashboard indicates a problem, such as that a critical file was deleted, you’ll want to investigate immediately. With the Interactive Search feature, you can quickly get answers, such as who deleted the file, who gave excessive permissions to that user, and what else the user did on your file servers.
Quickly sort through the audit data using Interactive Search feature

Keep access to your sensitive data under control

File access monitoring capabilities enable you to quickly detect suspicious access to sensitive files. For example, the Successful File Read report provides detailed information about who attempted to open which file, when the attempt was made and which workstation was used.
Audit file access with a report on successful file read attempts

Detect who has access to data they shouldn’t have

Ensure access rights are granted only to users who really need them. A predefined report on excessive access permissions enables you to quickly identify users who have permissions they are not using, so you can restrict their access and lock down overexposed data.
Detect who has access to data they shouldn’t have

Compare your current configuration with a past state

Make sure that file and folder permissions do not change without your authorization. State-in-Time™ reports enable you to view and compare current and past file server configurations.

Optimize your file server space

When you run low on space on your file servers, get file analysis reports showing the largest files and duplicate or unused files so you can involve their owners in the process of optimizing space on the file servers.
Optimize server space by auditing file system for the largest files

Prepare compliance reports faster

Get easy access to file server compliance reports mapped to regulatory compliance standards and spend less time preparing for PCI DSS 3.0, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA/NIST800-53, ISO/IEC 27001 and other audits.
Enable file server permissions audit to prove compliance

Archive your audit trail for later reviews and periodic checks by auditors

Store file server audit data for over 10 years with the two-tiered (file-based + SQL database) AuditArchive™ storage. You can review historical data, investigate security incidents and address periodic report requests from auditors.
Store the entire file change monitoring data for as long as needed

Deploy Netwrix Auditor wherever you need it

Download a free 20-day trial of Netwrix Auditor and deploy it on Microsoft Windows Server.
Download our virtual appliance and start using Netwrix Auditor without having to provision any hardware or software.
Deploy Netwrix Auditor from the Microsoft Azure or AWS marketplaces and get up and running with auditing in just minutes.

Subscribe yourself and other employees to the file server audit reports they need or provide key stakeholders with full access to audit data

Instead of constantly responding to report requests, automate the report delivery process by subscribing stakeholders to out-of-the-box reports that deliver the information they need by email on the schedule you specify. You can also provide as many users as you like with full access to file server monitoring data by installing the Netwrix Auditor client on their computers.
"Netwrix Auditor sends custom weekly report to department managers with all their folders changes, and it really has removed the burden of huge auditing requirements from our IT department. One of the great advantages is filtering file changes based on folder path. This technique has helped us separate each department head’s report based on his/her files only."

Ahmed Maged, Senior System Engineer,

Al Foah Co.