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What data can I get?

Successful and failed access attempts to files and folders

Native file access auditing is noisy, generating so many events that it's hard to dig out the truly valuable information. Netwrix Auditor file access monitoring software empowers you to gain control over user activity by monitoring ready-to-use reports on access events so you can quickly detect suspicious access to protected folders.

Data classification reports

In order to protect your PII, PHI, PCI and IP, you need to know where it’s located, who has access to it and every user action that might threaten it. Netwrix Auditor in combination with Netwrix Data Classification identifies the types of sensitive information you store, details its location and shows whether this data is overexposed. Plus, you can quickly check who has access to critical files and folders and get the full context around activity with them. Regularly review this information to make sure nothing endangers the security of your sensitive data.

How can I use this data?

Be notified about critical activity around data

To protect your sensitive data, you need to constantly monitor suspicious actions around it. For example, when a wave of file encryptions starts, you’ll still have a chance to save some of your data if you notice it promptly. Netwrix Auditor’s threshold-based alerts inform you about critical events, such as when someone is trying to modify way too many files at a time, so you can block a ransomware attack in progress.

Spot even subtle indicators of compromise and security blind spots

To strengthen the security of your sensitive data, it’s critical to know about even subtle signs of account compromise, such as suspicious surges in data access or activity outside business hours. With reports on user behavior and blind spot analysis, you can quickly identify these subtle indicators of threats and remediate them before it’s too late.

Gain a bird’s-eye view of anomalous surges in activity

When performing file activity monitoring, it's hard to spot unusual spikes without a high-level view: There’s a chance that you might miss an important piece of information while crawling through the logs and reviewing day-to-day changes. Netwrix Auditor’s overview dashboard makes this task easier by showing activity by date, along with the users who are most active, the file systems that are most frequently changed and the number of reads compared to the number of changes.

What else do I get with Netwrix Auditor
for Windows File Servers?

Easy integration with your ecosystem

To provide a unified audit trail for the broadest range of file systems and other data sources, Netwrix Auditor enables you to integrate it with any commercial or custom application. Free, pre-built add-ons are available for many common applications, including Nutanix Files and SIEM solutions.

Automated incident response

Responding manually to common incidents — like blocking a user who generated multiple failed access events — can be time-consuming. Netwrix Auditor file monitoring software enables you to automate response to such incidents by embedding scripts into alerts, which helps you promptly take action while staying focused on more important tasks.

Cost-effective data storage

Native file server monitoring tools don’t provide an easy way to archive audit data for a long period. Netwrix Auditor can store your audit trail in a two-tiered (file-based + SQL database), cost-effective storage for more than 10 years, while enabling quick access to archived data for historic reviews and inquiries.

Granular access to the platform resources

To keep the file server monitoring process secure, it’s important that your file server monitoring software lets you granularly assign access rights to its settings and collected audit data. Using Netwrix Auditor, you can control access granted to each IT administration and business team and make sure that it’s in accordance with the least-privilege principle.

Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers

Learn how Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers can help you detect data security threats, prove compliance and increase the productivity of your IT team.

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Netwrix Auditor for Windows File Servers

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