HBOR improves control over critical data access with Netwrix

Croatian government-owned bank saved nearly 16 hours with Netwrix Auditor when compiling user permission reporting during bank reorganizations

Irvine, CA, March 22, 2016

Netwrix Corporation, a provider of IT auditing software that delivers complete visibility into IT infrastructure changes and data access, today announced that HBOR has chosen Netwrix Auditor to increase IT team productivity and reduce routine workload.

The Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR) is a national development and export bank, and an export credit insurer. The mission of HBOR is to support sustainable economic growth by offering a wide range of finance and export credit insurance products as well as issuance of bonds and guarantees. HBOR cooperates with a wide range of organizations, including export credit agencies, international banks and supranational institutions, to meet the needs of Croatian entrepreneurs.

HBOR’s centralized file storage keeps hundreds of thousands of files and folders which are accessed by over 300 employees. Lack of visibility into changes made to every file and folder have been slowing down internal IT operations because the IT team had to spend enormous amounts of time retrieving audit data upon different requests or during investigations in the case of file losses. Having a long-standing experience of using Netwrix freeware tools, HBOR upgraded to Netwrix Auditor for File Server. This solution helped HBOR to:

  1. Reduce time-consuming tasks during the bank’s reorganization. As new departments were presented to the bank’s structure, the IT team needed to provide an extended report on changes made to user permissions. Netwrix Auditor allowed the IT team to spend 15 minutes on making up the reports to highlight all critical changes instead of an estimated 16 hours on gathering the data manually.
  2. Simplify reporting. The IT team is required to provide reports to C-level management, proving that user permissions across the entire file system comply with the internal business requirements and user requests. The IT team used to spend hours creating a report on user permissions and activity across the file system. Netwrix Auditor now allows them to run this report in only a matter of a couple of minutes.
  3. Enable continuous monitoring. Netwrix Auditor helps HBOR to bring visibility into critical data access and usage. The HBOR IT team is able to control changes to permissions to the file server accurately, and to be aware of who is accessing, creating, modifying or deleting files across its centralized file storage. Netwrix Auditor is used whenever there is a need to prove file integrity for security, debug or some other reasons. The data charts are published on a panel showing the daily statistics and audit data.
  4. Speed up Help Desk support. At HBOR, middle management often asks the Help Desk to double check that an employee has correct permissions and continuous access to necessary files and folders. Using the Interactive Search feature and picking the exact search criteria, IT pros are able to instantly find necessary audit trails and resolve the requests faster.

Ivan Kovač, Information Security Coordinator at HBOR commented, "After deploying Netwrix Auditor, we felt even more comfortable with our decision. Netwrix Auditor looks polished, it works super-fast, and is super-rich in its features. The recent upgrade has Interactive Search that simplifies our daily routine by instantly finding necessary audit data. Netwrix Auditor is so convenient and user-friendly that it didn’t take much time and resources to integrate it into our IT workflow."

Alex Vovk, CEO and Co-Founder of Netwrix said, "The financial sector has a range of IT challenges related to maintaining security, business continuity and the smooth provision of financial services to clients. Ensuring complete visibility into what is happening across the IT infrastructure is a key practice that will help companies achieve their business goals and ensure outstanding customer service, as well as tighten cyber security and comply with industry standards."

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