Building Effective Information Governance with Data Discovery and Classification

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Implementing proper information governance is not an easy task; it requires adopting policies, procedures and technologies that balance ease of use with data security. However, it’s worth the effort, since effective information governance can help you:

  • Reduce the risk of data breaches
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with less effort and expense
  • Reduce data management and storage costs
  • Perform faster and better eDiscovery
  • Improve data analytics capabilities
  • Achieve other strategic objectives and priorities

Information governance requires a clear understanding of the data your organization collects, processes and stores. Given the volume of data that modern organizations process every day, automated data discovery and classification is the only viable approach to knowing exactly what types of data you have and where it is located.

This eBook explains how data discovery and classification can help you establish an effective information governance program or improve your current processes. It also details the capabilities you should look for when choosing a data discovery and classification solution.