Netwrix Auditor

Change auditing of IT infrastructure

IT Infrastructure Audit with Advanced Reporting

Netwrix Auditor leverages SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) for generating advanced detailed reports. Present all change details on any audited resource in the IT infrastructure via web and e-mail reports. These advanced change reports reflect all activities regardless of when or where the events occurred once the suite has been installed and has started capturing audit data. Previous experience with SSRS will further serve to exploit the reporting options available to you.

With the capabilities of SQL Reporting Services and our long-term data storage architecture, reports can be created to show any change event, complete with Who, What, When, Where detail, including before and after values, between any selected start and end dates. Produces complete, clear, and useful web-based reports for all audiences, both internal and external. Only this level of detail will satisfy your auditors and internal management.

Because audit data can be stored up to 7 years and is captured in real-time, auditors and management will be satisfied with your security, compliance and systems auditing as reflected in these advanced reports, without having to repeatedly retrieve and compile audit data manually. Additionally, with SSRS, you can easily generate detailed reports even when multiple changes have taken place on a single object over the course of time and in between regular report intervals.

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