Netwrix News Digest: July 2015

Check out August edition of SysAdmin Magazine

Discover the new issue of SysAdmin Magazine focused on the topic of security breaches. Don’t miss out on helpful guides for proper event log auditing.

[How to] detect who deleted a file from your file server

This how-to will show you two ways of detecting who deleted a file from your File Server.

Top 5 critical Exchange Server changes

Find out the Top 5 critical Exchange Server changes, and how Netwrix Auditor helps keep them under control with easy-to-read reports.

Blog: Ashley Madison data breach: the importance of a privileged User

If Ashley Madison hack was an inside job, what security policy could have averted this data breach?

Blog: Hacker team hacked: a strong case for stronger passwords

Organizations need stronger passwords to avoid ridiculous hacks, just like one of Hacker Team.

Product of the month: Netwrix Auditor for Exchange

Application for auditing changes made to Microsoft Exchange Server objects, configuration and permissions.

Product of the month: Netwrix Change Notifier for Exchange

Reports on what’s happening inside your Exchange servers, and tracks both configuration and permission changes with "before" and "after" values.