Transform Your Microsoft Exchange Monitoring with Netwrix Auditor

Many businesses rely on Exchange Server in their daily operations to share critical data. Native Microsoft Exchange monitoring tools can help you monitor Exchange activity. But can you quickly diagnose and remediate problems — for example, by pinpointing which change degraded Exchange performance or which users in your network deleted mailboxes, causing downtime for an entire department? To ensure uninterrupted availability of your email services, you need to troubleshoot incidents quickly, and to harden electronic mail security, you need to be able to easily spot threats across your MS Exchange environment. And for those tasks, you need more than native tools.

Limitations of native Microsoft Exchange monitoring tools

Your busy Microsoft Exchange Server environment is critical to a variety of business operations, so you need to stay alert to any critical change or unauthorized client access that could jeopardize system security, violate your data privacy policy or hurt server performance. Native Microsoft Exchange Server monitoring tools enable you to monitor Exchange — but be ready to spend hours crawling through cumbersome, hard-to-read Exchange log events trying to spot illicit user behavior or identify the root cause of an email outage. And be prepared that critical issues will sometimes go unnoticed in the mountains of event data, or that you’ll be able to dig them out only after it’s too late. Moreover, in addition to Exchange Server monitoring capabilities, you also need regular performance monitoring and overall Exchange management.

Enabling five-star Microsoft Exchange Server monitoring

Netwrix offers Exchange monitoring software that complements native Microsoft Exchange Server monitoring tools by delivering actionable dashboards and reports that give you full control over everything happening in your Exchange infrastructure in a single view. Netwrix Auditor for Exchange monitors activity and simplifies reporting, so you can stay on top of changes to server configuration, server roles of users, permissions and access events. It provides you with valuable insights, such as who changed what, when and where, with the critical before and after values. You can also see who accessed what mailbox, when and from which workstation, and what items the user viewed, edited or deleted. This timely, actionable information helps you secure your sensitive email content and ensure nothing can put the normal flow of email operations at risk. In addition to comprehensive Microsoft Exchange monitoring, Netwrix also offers solutions that enable you to stay on top of activity across your critical Active Directory and Windows Server environments.

Exchange Server Overview dashboard from Netwrix Auditor: changes by date, servers with most changes, users who made most changes, most modified object type