NetApp Filer Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Maintain Compliance with Netwrix NetApp Reporting Tool

With NetApp reporting tool by Newrix all changes made to files, folders, and permissions are gathered and kept automatically to keep up with growing and changing compliance needs. Standards that require file access auditing and long-term audit detail for as long as 7 years may also be satisfied with our storage methods.

It can be costly, time consuming, and stressful to adhere to external regulations and meet internal compliance needs governing your organization’s data. As regulated file storage systems proliferate and IT staff resources remain constant, keeping up with compliance requirements on a consistent basis can quickly result in compliance gaps without an appropriate tool to keep pace. Netwrix NetApp reporting tool keeps pace with changing demands and closes the gaps in your compliance directives.

Choose from a number of useful predefined reports or create custom reports in no time. Custom reports can be configured to protect the most sensitive files, folders and permissions throughout the NetApp Filer environment. Be confident while sharing this information with auditors or internal business leaders to confirm compliance at any point in time. Be prepared for a regulatory audit, or when responding to a quick internal request.

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