NetApp Filer Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Improve Data Security and Prevent Downtime with Netwrix NetApp Storage Reporting Software

Protecting your data from internal and external threats is essential. From bank statements to patient records and top-secret product information to legal documents, the #1 priority is to secure that data from improper or unauthorized access. Auditing file access has become a must-have for security and compliance purposes.

With NetApp storage reporting software by Netwrix, daily and on-demand reports with flexible schedules provide continuous feedback on the safety and integrity of data stored on NetApp Filer devices. More importantly, this feedback reveals where data security needs reinforcing. Not having a solution in place to provide file access auditing puts the organization at risk.

When data is harmed or compromised by someone who should not have access or permissions, it is not possible to know that happened in case multiple, dispersed event and/or audit logs are not reviewed and compiled. What makes matters worse is when the individual or group responsible for that data learns by review that damage has been done. Inability to properly audit file change data can be costly in terms of end-user productivity.

Built-in systems audit and logging features provide raw data. This data has little value by itself. Compiling and gathering audit and logging data manually can take hours for analysis of a single incident. Expertise configuring and working with native auditing logs is required to attain a high degree of confidence that the data collection and analysis is trustworthy.

Organizations that place a high value on data security cannot afford hours of error-prone manual data collection and risks associated with incorrect analysis. Netwrix Auditor collects data from all audited NetApp devices, compiles it using our AuditAssuranceâ„¢ technology, and generates reports that are of value automatically in what would have taken hours previously.

No other means of auditing and logging can match the data security benefits of using Netwrix NetApp storage reporting software. Our ability to accurately audit file access, folder and permissions activity on the large array of Windows and non-Windows platforms is extensive. Netwrix Auditor for File Servers is the solution to protecting data in organizations that place a high value on data security using NetApp Filers.

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