NetApp Filer Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

NetApp Storage Monitoring Software with Long-Term Archiving Capabilities

Netwrix provides NetApp storage monitoring software with long-term archiving capabilities. Storing volumes of audited change events for short and long-term reporting purposes is a challenge unto itself. With NetApp Filer, you are limited by local auditing settings and storage where logs will get overwritten if they are not extracted regularly. Without fast and reliable access to the audit data, significant amount of time could be lost further putting the organization at risk. Data collection is fast and compressed storage in a two-tier system provides you with detailed historical reporting.

The first tier stores audit data in a SQL database. This not only ensures the data can be secured but also allows you to quickly generate reports. The second tier stores audit data for up to 7 years in a compressed flat file should management or an auditor need that detail from any period in time. This unique storage approach means all audit data is both secure and accessible.

Microsoft MVP, Don Jones says, "Netwrix offers one of the most well thought-out long-term data archival strategies, using a two-tiered system that utilizes SQL Server for online reporting, and file-based compressed storage for long-term storage." Nowadays no other solution is able to offer a more robust method of data archiving and reporting. Netwrix Auditor for File Servers provides the most comprehensive long-term archiving architecture available for NetApp Filers.

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