Irvine, CA, May 26, 2020

Netwrix simplifies fulfilling data subject access requests

With the newest version of Netwrix Data Classification, organizations can easily respond to individuals’ requests concerning their personal data, within the required timeframe.

Netwrix, a vendor that makes data security easy, announced today the release of Netwrix Data Classification 5.5.3. This updated version enables even non-IT teams to respond to data subject access requests (DSARs) swiftly, thanks to simple yet secure discovery and collection of personal information. As a result, organizations can balance IT workload while addressing DSARs promptly to reduce the risk of fines and loss of public trust. In addition, Netwrix Data Classification 5.5.3 supports two new data sources, Box and Dropbox, to expand security and compliance in cloud and hybrid IT environments.

With Netwrix Data Classification 5.5.3, organizations are able to:

  • Easily fulfil privacy obligations
    Netwrix Data Classification enables organizations to respond to data subject access requests promptly, as required by modern regulations, and thereby avoid stiff fines and damage to their reputations. Privacy and compliance executives can establish a consistent workflow for responding to incoming DSARs and easily monitor the status of each case.
  • Slash DSAR management costs
    Organizations can free up budget for long-term strategic projects by automating the process of finding and exporting all personal information associated with an individual. Moreover, the easy-to-use DSAR interface enables legal, privacy and other non-IT teams to satisfy requests on their own, without any special training or expert knowledge of IT systems.
  • Strengthen the security of data stored in the cloud
    Organizations can now automatically discover and tag files stored in Box and Dropbox to enable secure data sharing and employee collaboration. As a result, organizations can secure the sensitive data they store in the cloud and pass compliance audits with far less effort.

According to a recent Gartner survey, manual processing of a single subject rights request (SRR) for access costs organizations more than $1,400, and a majority of organizations take more than two weeks to provide a response.
Gartner, Market Guide for Subject Rights Request Automation, by Nader Henein, Bart Willemsen and Bernard Woo, 21 February 2020.

IT departments that are already overworked from work from home initiatives will soon be stressed again as teams head back to office. Unfortunately, privacy mandates like the GDPR and the CCPA are unrelenting. Even though the GDPR has been in force for two years, organizations are still struggling to process DSARs promptly, as required by the regulation. Penalties for non-compliance are not something any business wants to deal with right now, especially when we are facing a global economic recession.
Steve Dickson, CEO at Netwrix.

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