London, UK, January 31, 2019

Nonprofit organization accelerates data classification to comply with GDPR and saves £80,000 annually

Due to Netwrix Auditor, Horizon Leisure Centres expects that satisfying data subject requests will take a few minutes.

Netwrix Corporation, provider of a visibility platform for data security and risk mitigation in hybrid environments, today announced that Horizon Leisure Centres has deployed Netwrix Auditor to ensure GDPR compliance and satisfy data subject requests in mere minutes.

Horizon Leisure Centres is a not-for-profit organization that operates premier leisure centers in the boroughs of Havant and Waterlooville in the UK. With limited financial and human resources, Horizon needed a cost-effective solution to secure personal information about its members to meet GDPR requirements. Specifically, they needed to streamline discovery and classification of regulated information and make sure they could quickly satisfy data subject requests.

Horizon chose Netwrix Auditor for its effective discovery and classification of data and real-time search functionality. With the software, Horizon achieved the following results:

  • Optimized sensitive data discovery and classification. As the first step on Horizon’s path to GDPR compliance, the IT team ran data discovery with Netwrix Auditor. With the accurate, detailed results, they were able to ensure that sensitive data is stored in secure locations where only management can access it.
  • Accelerated search of regulated information. Horizon is ready to address requests from data subjects in just a few minutes. Without Netwrix Auditor, even just a few requests per month would have require hiring four full-time employees and paying them £80,000 per year in total, a cost the non-profit’s budget simply could not absorb.
  • Ongoing auditing of activity around sensitive data. The software enables the IT team to know what is happening across their file servers and detect improper or malicious activity around regulated information in a timely manner.
Our experience with Netwrix Auditor has been spectacular. It enabled us to be proactive towards GDPR and classify all the data we have in over half a million folders. The software is a great time saver. To satisfy a data subject request, I will need only a few minutes to retrieve all necessary information. Without Netwrix Auditor, each request would have required two weeks of solid manual work by four employees. Next year, we plan to expand our Netwrix Auditor installation with applications for Active Directory and Office 365 to have more profound visibility into our data.
Iain Sanders, IT Manager at Horizon Leisure Centres
Automation of data discovery and classification is a must for socially responsible organizations and anyone who needs to comply with the GDPR. It enables IT departments to identify the location of sensitive content, ensure that access controls around it are risk-appropriate and improve data security.
Steve Dickson, CEO of Netwrix

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