Soyez plus malin que les ransomwares !

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Recorded: September 11, 2018

Microsoft a travaillé dur pour rectifier les systèmes d'exploitation Windows contre l'exploit EternalBlue, pour aider à protéger les entreprises contre les cyberattaques. Mais tant que les employés continueront d'ouvrir des courriels d'hameçonnage et de cliquer sur des liens inappropriés, votre entreprise restera vulnérable à ces menaces IT.

Regardez notre webinar et apprenez :

- Comment appliquer le modèle du privilège minimum, et vous assurer qu'il fonctionne réellement ;
- Comment déceler une possible activité de ransomware et l'arrêter rapidement ;
- Comment préparer les pièges pour les ransomwares ;
- Et beaucoup plus !

Hosted by
Damien Lahbib,
Account Executive

How to Keep the Personal Data of Citizens Secure

Most of IT pros share a lofty goal: to protect all the data that their organization stores. But the truth is, that’s an impossible mission; there’s just too much data. Fortunately, it’s also unnecessary. What organizations really need to do is to find the data that really needs protection, such as the PII of citizens, and secure it properly.

Join our upcoming webinar as Jim Smith, VP of Sales at Netwrix, reveals the common security risks and compliance gaps he’s seen government entities encounter during his 30 years of experience. In addition, Candice Ross, CIO of Central AZ College, will share how Netwrix Auditor helps her department save time and money while achieving regulatory compliance and solidifying the organization’s security posture.

In this webinar, we'll cover how Netwrix Auditor enables you to:

  • Understand which data needs protection and how exposed it is
  • Review permissions and spot unauthorized access to sensitive information
  • Quickly detect and thwart improper insider activity
  • Minimize the risk of a data breach by automatically redacting sensitive data from documents
  • Demonstrate to auditors the effectiveness of your security policies
1pm EDT
30 May, 1pm EDT
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