SQL Server Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Change Notifier for SQL Server with limited functionality is freeware and never expires. The full SQL Server auditing functionality is available in Netwrix Auditor for SQL Server, which can be evaluated for free and without any limitations for 20 days.

Feature Netwrix Change Notifier for SQL Server (Freeware) Netwrix Auditor
for SQL Server
(Free Trial)
Who and When fields for every change No Yes
Track database changes Database users, roles and schemas only Track all changes to database (including tables, views, stored procedures, columns, indices, etc.)
Advanced reports based on SQL Reporting Services, with filtering, grouping and sorting No Yes
Predefined reports Daily report with recent changes Multiple predefined reports
Custom reports No Yes
Historical archiving and reporting Only for two days: today and yesterday Any period of time
Single installation handles multiple server collections, each with its own unique settings No Yes
Integrated interface for all Netwrix products which provides centralized configuration and settings management No Yes
Integrated advanced reporting with lots of predefined out-of-the-box reports for all the major platforms No Yes
Technical Support Support Forum Full range of options
Licensing Free of charge for up to 5 SQL servers Please see licensing information or request a quote
Download Freeware Free Trial