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How Environment Comparison Helped a NetSuite Developer Avoid Hours of Rework

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Before releasing a change to our NetSuite environment, I utilized Netwrix Strongpoint's Environment Comparison tool for a thorough check. It was during this process that I discovered a discrepancy in one of the scripts, revealing that our development environment lacked a crucial change present in production.

  • Adapting to Evolving Business Needs. Being in the fine wine business since 1944, Zachys needed to constantly evolve to meet changing business requirements, especially with an operation that spans multiple offices and facilities.
  • Managing Complex Software Environments. Running NetSuite across their organization required efficient management of their software environment to ensure smooth operations and prevent errors in deployment.
  • Avoiding Potential Errors in Software Changes. With the necessity of regularly updating their software environment, Zachys faced the challenge of ensuring that these changes were error-free and would not lead to additional rework or problems in their production environment.

The discovery enabled me to implement and test the necessary modification in the development phase, prior to its production rollout. This capability of comparing environments provided by Netwrix Strongpoint was pivotal in averting the risk of inadvertently reversing a previous fix.

Netwrix Solution

As Zachys Wine expanded globally, the team recognized the necessity for a more effective tool to manage their intricate ERP system. They opted for Netwrix Strongpoint's Environment Comparison tool to prevent errors in their NetSuite deployments, ensuring that updates were accurately implemented across various offices without requiring fixes. This choice was influenced by their desire to maintain operational efficiency and promptly adapt to changes in their business.


Environment Comparison for Error Prevention: The Environment Comparison tool from Netwrix Strongpoint allowed Zachys to identify and prevent potential errors when making changes to their NetSuite environment. By comparing different versions of scripts between their development and production environments, the tool helped detect discrepancies that could lead to significant issues if not addressed before deployment.


Simplifying NetSuite Testing and Validation: Netwrix Strongpoint streamlined the process of testing and validating changes in NetSuite. The tool enabled easy specification of source and target environments, focusing on specific customizations, and provided a detailed, color-coded analysis of the script differences. This facilitated a more efficient and accurate review process, reducing the likelihood of errors during deployment.


Enhancing Efficiency and Safety in Deployment Processes: Netwrix Strongpoint's integration within NetSuite and its user-friendly interface significantly reduced the learning curve for Zachys' team. The tool not only accelerated the process of responding to changing requirements but also ensured safety and compliance, particularly in maintaining segregation of duties between development and deployment teams, which is crucial in regulated environments.

Key Benefits
  • Reduced risk of rework
  • Improved compliance and safety
  • Enhanced operational efficiency
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Zachys is a fourth-generation family-owned business with a rich history dating back almost eight decades. Zachys offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing Retail, Storage, and Auction, expertly guiding clients through an extraordinary journey from discovery to curation, and even to consignment.

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