Top 10 Critical Changes to Audit
in Your IT Infrastructure
This webinar will help you understand why auditing is important, identify 10 most critical changes to audit and see how you can streamline your auditing using Netwrix Auditor.
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Netwrix Auditor for SharePoint

Best SharePoint Product 3 years in a row!
Windows IT Pro Community Choice Awards of 2010 and 2011 and Redmond Magazine Readers' Choice Award of 2011 that Netwrix SharePoint Change Reporter received as Best SharePoint Product

Configuration auditing is an important aspect of any SharePoint management process, crucial to the limitation of errors and unauthorized changes within SharePoint environments. Undesired and unauthorized changes occur frequently within all organizations that rely on delegated SharePoint administration. When multiple administrators are given the power to modify SharePoint settings and manipulate pieces of content on SharePoint sites, it is important for organizations to know exactly what changed and how it was changed.

Powered by AuditAssurance™ technology, Netwrix SharePoint auditing solution can be used to track all administrative modifications, including those made to SharePoint farms, servers and sites as well as their settings and permissions. The product sends automated daily reports that highlight all changes made to SharePoint configurations, notifying SharePoint administrators every time an event occurred with detailed change information, such as what changed, as well as both the before and after values of each change.

Netwrix Auditor can be used to:

  • Overview configuration changes on a daily basis to improve internal IT governance and maintain compliance;
  • Monitor inaccuracies and unauthorized changes to your SharePoint hosting system.

Note: The product now supports SharePoint 2007, support for SharePoint 2010 and 2013 is coming soon.

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