Netwrix Christmas Gifts: Freeware Tools! Report on AD Changes, Track Inactive Users, Protect USB Ports, and More...

Christmas and the New Year are coming, and everybody is in hurry, looking for gifts for their spouse, friends, and parents. We created a bunch of nice tools and decided to give them away to all our friends! Nobody likes to receive useless gifts, and this is why we carefully analyzed the wish lists of thousands of IT professionals, including you, and picked the most frequently requested items. Each tool presented below solves one typical issue, requires no complex configuration, and starts working for you in less than 1 minute!

Free Tools

  • Active Directory Change Reporter;
  • USB Blocker;
  • Inactive Users Tracker;
  • Password Expiration Notifier;
  • Bulk Password Reset;
  • Non-owner Mailbox Access for Exchange.
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End of Year Specials!

Here is something else that should interest you. All of our commercial products are offered at 25% discount until the end of 2007. Don't miss a chance to use your end-of-year budget to buy solutions you need! Give the 'XMAS25' code to your sales representative to apply the discount.
  • Account Lockout Examiner: Detect, troubleshoot, and resolve account lockouts; know the real reason for account lockout. Resolve tricky account lockouts and prevent further reoccurrences. Learn more;
  • Password Manager: Save on help desk call related password resets and account lockouts. Let users serve themselves manually: reset password right from a logon prompt or a Web browser. Fully functional, it's the cheapest solution in the industry - now less than $2 per user with unlimited site licenses available! Learn more;
  • Privileged Account Manager: Automatically change passwords of all privileged accounts on a periodic basis (e.g. every 30 days) and effectively share them among members of your team. The product provides secure storage for passwords and enforces the "password checkout" concept. You always know who used what password and when. Learn more.

Freeware: Active Directory Change Reporter

This tool brings the power of a complex and heavyweight Active Directory change auditing solution in a simple and free tool. No tricks - you just put in your e-mail address and receive daily reports on who changed what, when, and why, including "before" and "after" values. Somebody deleted an OU? Disabled an important service account? You'll know about this the next morning! Download Active Directory Change Reporter

Commercial version is coming soon, featuring technical support, advanced reporting, "rollback changes" command, and other features. Contact us for more information.

Freeware: USB Blocker

Netwrix USB Blocker centrally turns off USB ports in your organization to prevent security threats and data leakage. The nice point about this tool is that it requires no agents and long deployment steps. You just tell it the name of the domain and optionally specify a list of computers to exclude from blocking. Download USB Blocker

Freeware: Inactive Users Tracker

This tool detects user accounts inactive for more than a specified number of days to prevent malicious activity. You receive a list of inactive accounts daily and take appropriate steps (e.g. disable, move, or delete). Commercial version of this tool will even disable these accounts automatically! Download Inactive Users Tracker

Freeware: Password Expiration Notifier

Once it's set up, you'll know what passwords are about to expire soon in your AD, and you can notify users in advance. Password Expiration Notifier checks all accounts and sends a daily report to administrators (full list of accounts) and individual users (about their own accounts). Of course, it's not a replacement for a fully functional password management solution, but it's free and solves many issues. Want to effectively resolve and prevent account lockouts? Try Account Lockout Examiner. Another good product for automated management of passwords for service accounts is Privileged Account Manager.

Freeware: Bulk Password Reset

Every server and workstation in your network has a local administrator account, and many IT professionals don't pay enough attention to these accounts. They impose a big security threat if not maintained properly, but because there are so many of them, they are typically ignored. Netwrix Bulk Password Reset resets passwords or disables multiple local accounts in bulk, so you can manage all your local Administrator accounts easily and keep systems secure. Download Bulk Password Reset

Do you want all your systems to have a unique password and automate password management for all privileged accounts? Learn about the complex privileged account management solution - Privileged Account Manager.

Freeware: Non-owner Mailbox Access for Exchange (coming soon!)

This tool will give you alerts and reports when someone accesses another user's mailbox, trying, for example, to sneak a look into a CEO's confidential e-mails. Auditing of non-owner mailbox access is a cornerstone of regulatory compliance, e.g. SOX, GLBA and HIPAA. Contact us to sign up for download when the tool becomes available!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We wish you a happy and prosperous 2008. We'll keep doing our best to make your IT life more comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you for using our products!