Netwrix Password Manager

Self-service password reset solution for Active Directory

Since we're keeping a sharp focus on IT auditing with Netwrix Auditor platform, we're making Netwrix Password Manager no longer available for new downloads.

Netwrix will continue to support all current customers of Netwrix Password Manager as well as provide updates for critical issues if necessary.

Netwrix Password Manager gives end users the ability to securely manage their passwords and resolve account lockout incidents in a self-service fashion without involvement of help desk personnel. This allows organizations to implement strong password policies in Active Directory environments to meet regulatory compliance requirements and address identity management challenges.

Password management is the most common IT support issue, accounting for most of the help desk workload in many organizations. Password complexity and expiration policy requirements lead to frequently forgotten passwords and account lockouts, increasing the overall administrative burden.

Netwrix Password Manager is a simple and cost-effective solution that allows users to reset forgotten passwords, troubleshoot account lockouts and unlock their accounts manually through a convenient, web-based, self-service portal and integration with the standard Windows logon procedure.

The product uses a question-and-answer based security system for user authentication. First, users enroll by creating their profiles. Once the profile is established, the user can manage the password and account manually by simply supplying the answers from the profile. All account operations are logged for regulatory compliance and easy access by IT personnel interested in monitoring password management activity. Netwrix Password Manager supports with the same ease and convenience as for domain accounts.

Wondering how this password management solution works in a disconnected network environment? Netwrix Password Manager fully supports the roaming users scenario.