Netwrix Privileged Account Manager

Privileged user identity management

This product is no longer available. Please check other free tools offered by Netwrix.

Every IT team needs to use many user IDs and passwords for managing hardware devices, servers and applications. These accounts should be accessible among all members of the IT team. Privileged accounts allow unlimited access to programs and data. If they are not properly secured and maintained, they represent a very high risk to an organization. Sometimes passwords are left as the default or are assigned well-known values and are generally not properly kept. With hundreds of systems and devices, privileged identity management can become a real challenge. Routine control, updates, and reporting may require significant efforts and productivity tradeoffs.

Netwrix Privileged Account Manager maintains and protects privileged user accounts in Active Directory, servers, and other systems. The product provides a secure web-based portal for accessing and automatic maintenance of administrative user accounts, to enable centralized management and auditing of all privileged identities in your organization.

Netwrix Privileged Account Manager enforces a secure role-based access to all privileged accounts and requires all authorized users to "check out" passwords before using and then "check in" when finished using. All check out and check in actions are audited to track the real identity (person name) of every shared admin user (such as "Administrator" and "root") at any given moment of time, providing a complete audit trail of who accessed what, when and where. Additionally, Netwrix Privileged Account Manager automatically changes privileged passwords at specified intervals (for example, every 90 days) and synchronizes them on the target systems (e.g. updates service and scheduled task credentials).

Read an illustrated example of privileged password management to learn more about challenges and drawbacks of dealing with this type of accounts.