Mailbox Access Auditing with Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor provides Exchange mailbox auditing capabilities to record and report WHO made WHAT changes or WHO accessed Exchange mailboxes, WHEN and WHERE across your organization. This cost-effective and easy to use software allows you to achieve greater Exchange mailbox visibility including improved security, and meet regulatory compliance objectives such as those outlined in SOX, GLBA and HIPAA.

Exchange users may view or make unauthorized changes to mailbox content that does not belong to them. Using Exchange mailbox reporting application by Netwrix, you can see all access attempts and changes to your Exchange mailboxes no matter who did them, when or where. See how your organization can benefit from Netwrix Auditor:


Monitor Exchange Mailbox Access Events

Netwrix Auditor provides detailed information on non-owner mailbox access events to protect sensitive information from unauthorized or accidental access.

Improve Exchange Security

Ongoing Exchange mailbox access auditing is a critical component to messaging security. For organizations that rely on Exchange to maintain confidential data and keep departments productive, unauthorized or accidental access attempts need to be tracked.

Maintain Compliance

Comply with internal and external regulatory requirements by monitoring Exchange mailbox access attempts that have taken place from yesterday to a year ago or more.

Total Visibility over Unauthorized Email Access

Netwrix Auditor offers total visibility across your Exchange mailboxes with user-friendly reports without having to scour voluminous raw audit data.

Cost Savings

Save thousands in time licensing, maintenance and training costs.

Scalable and Easy-To-Use

The product installs quickly, adapts to changing needs and is easy to use. The interface and controls are intuitive to deliver the results you need without scripting or having to learn anything new.


Real-Time Alerting

With Netwrix Auditor you can generate real-time alerts on Exchange Mailbox access events.

AuditIntelligence™ Technology

The product satisfies your auditors and management with clear and concise e-mail and web-based reports showing who accessed what mailboxes and when.

AuditArchive™ Technology

Two-tier scalable storage approach secures audit data for up to 7 years and more allowing generation of custom reports to meet any demand.

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