Take control of your data

Information Governance Software to Ease Your Data-Related Headaches

Experts estimate that by 2025, 463 exabytes (463 quintillion bytes!) of data will be created each day globally. This exponential growth makes it difficult for organizations to understand and properly protect their data and comply with increasingly stringent data protection regulations. With the Netwrix information governance solution, you can reclaim control over your data and make your information governance policies work.
Mitigate risks
Reduce Data Risks during Every Stage of the Information Lifecycle
Control data at creation or ingestion
Discover information assets as they are collected or created, identify their level of sensitivity and declare appropriate documents as records. That way, you can stay in control and determine whether your organization is collecting more data than necessary.
Make sure your critical data is stored securely
Identify sensitive files stored outside of designated locations and promptly remediate the risk, and then educate users about the rules. Make sure only authorized personnel can access critical information assets by conducting regular entitlement reviews, and prove the efficiency of your controls to both the leadership team and auditors.
Protect critical data from unauthorized sharing
Technology continues to make data sharing easier than ever. Enhance your data loss prevention (DLP) policies with accurate tagging of sensitive data that must not be shared with outsiders, including legacy content that might otherwise be overlooked.
Discover relevant information to support compliance and legal requests
Reduce the chance of legal problems by easily discovering electronic evidence for litigation support. Avoid fines and unscheduled audits due to delayed response to DSARs by streamlining the discovery of personal information.
Ensure proper retention and disposition of records as required by regulations
Locate documents that are required to be retained by regulatory, financial or legal requirements but that are not used anymore. Streamline sending records to your archive and delete them securely according to your retention schedule to reduce your attack surface area.
Reduce costs
Automate Data Governance to Save Money and Boost Efficiency
Satisfy data subject access requests (DSARs) with less cost
Respond to data subject requests to comply with GDPR and other data privacy regulations with less effort and expense, by automating collection of the requested data across your various repositories, both on premises and in the cloud.
Make eDiscovery more efficient
Enable legal teams to collect necessary electronic evidence and cull irrelevant documents, all without engaging costly third-party services. Automate the legal hold process to preserve evidence during litigation and avoid losing cases.
Reduce manual workload in your records management processes
Make sure human error or misconduct do not undermine the efficiency of your records lifecycle management. Automatically discover records across your various repositories and tag them with metadata, and automate the retention and deletion processes as well.
Eliminate the cost of recreating content that already exists
When knowledge workers cannot find the content they need, they have to waste time and budget recreating it. Enable your organization to be more efficient by making sure your highly skilled professionals can find what they need.
Reduce data management and migration costs
Segregate valuable data from low-value content to make sure your IT budget and team resources are spent on what matters to the business. Lead your cloud migration projects to success by cleaning up content before sending it to the cloud.
Increase productivity
Avoid Productivity Loss by Keeping Valuable Content Organized and Discoverable
Identify and organize content that brings value
Create a logical and manageable content structure so users can easily navigate it and find the insights they need. Maintain the organized structure to eliminate the need to recreate the content and reduce the effort required to manage the data stores.
Make data discoverable and enable more informed business decisions
Enable users to find the content they need and thereby foster innovation, decision-making and collaboration by integrating the Netwrix solution with your enterprise search.
Streamline the process of satisfying data subject access requests
Enable non-IT teams to search for personal data to satisfy DSARs without special training or excessive access permissions. Reduce the workload on your already overburdened IT teams so they have more time for strategic projects that drive your business forward.
Enhance productivity and save IT effort by purging low-value data
Identify redundant, obsolete and trivial (ROT) information to make sure data users don’t have to sift through confusing duplicates or old versions. Reduce the mundane work of managing data that has no value for business.